Half of My Devices Stopped Working on Wednesday--Help Please! (Mar 7, 2024)

Woke up Wednesday morning to no lighting automations working, when I got back from work, checked and found about half my sensors are not functioning, they either show offline, or online but don’t do anything.
seems to be all zigbee devices, such as Ikea plugs, and sonoff open close sensors, smart things motion sensor.
its not a battery issue I suspect as I have 3 sonoff mains powered devices ( 2 on off switches and a mini2) that are all showing up but not responding.
Ive rebooted the hub (v2) and left it off for an hour, still the same. I’ve tried searching for nearby devices, but nothing gets picked up.
the lights are green on the hub, the zigbee status seems ok to me (but I don’t know what Im looking for) and some things do work. some smart things motion sensors are fine, som are not.
any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Did you remove the batteries from your V2 Hub?

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Yes, sorry forgot to mention it. I also deleted two new ikea devices from smartthings that weren’t in use to try adding them and it’s not picking those up as a new or existing thing either.
I might do a full factory reset and start again. I just really don’t want to. I have a lot of stuff on there over the years, there’s currently 62 devices in the offline section alone.

Full factory reset should be the last resort. If you are going to open a support ticket with Samsung/SmartThings they would like to examine the hub in its current state.
(Full factory reset is the sort of thing I do, and almost always regret it.)
I presume some of your Zigbee devices are working (indicating that the hub’s Zigbee radio is still working).
With the Ikea devices that you are trying to re-pair; I presume that you have gone through the devices ‘factory reset’ procedure. I have found Ikea bulb’s 6 time off/on to be very fiddly; often needing to do it several times to effect reset.
Just some ideas I am throwing out there.
Good luck,

Have you walked around power cycling all your mains powered Zigbee devices one at a time and checking for improvement?

It would be easy for a mesh to form with a significant dependency on one repeater and I’ve had issues with devices seemingly forgetting they are supposed to be routing in the past. IKEA plugs with older firmware were particularly iffy for me, as were Sonoff S26 plugs with certain firmware and those can’t be upgraded.

I know you’ve rebuilt the mesh but it could still be the case that a rogue device is of critical importance and also it may be rogue in subtle ways.


for absolutly no reason at all, some things startedcoming back online this morning. nothing of any note in the story just randomly the outside lights and kitchen lights started working, need to re-pair a few things but seems like it has decided to play nice.

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My Zigbee devices has been cycling off for the past few days. I removed them from Smartthings and re-add them; only to have them go back offline in a few hours. Very frustrating indeed.