Fibaro FGS-222 Dual Relay (ZWN-RSM2 device type) - WORKS!

Just another confirmation for us UK/EU users!

After successfully installing my first lighting dual relay last week I wanted more of them for other rooms. Strangely enough, found these well known Fibaro relays, the FGS-222 to be cheaper than the PhiloTech ones and at the same price as their single counterparts so I thought, why not?!

I installed two of them yesterday and each took about 10-20 minutes this time. A very big difference compared to the few hours I with my first one!!

After powering them on the first time, the ST hub recognises them as “Z-Wave Device Multichannel” things. In this configuration, only the one switch is available in the app and this one controls both switches at the same time.

However, if you change the device type to one of the custom ones mentioned in the following thread then you can enable and use the 2nd switch independently of the 1st:


I have had the ST system about a week now and have just installed the same relay switch for my boiler control. One switch is set to control the boiler on/off function and the other controls the wall timer enable/disable. Seems to work so far with the same method you have adopted. As for long term reliably, I can’t comment yet.

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Awesome, thanks for confirming that it works!

I assume you’re fortunate enough to have a neutral to your switches?

Yeah, electrician thought it would be a good idea at the time, looks like he was right!

Yeah my father-in-law (electrician) said it’s not unusual for new installations to have the neutral included for testing purposes and the like. Where I can, I’ll get him to pull a neutral in (only a couple of places he can do that) otherwise I’m going to see if I can install the relays inside the light fitting (this has been suggested as a solution in some of the manuals for the relays)… obviously that only really applies to single relays unless there is something else for it to control up there or if there’s another light linked off the one where the relay is placed.


Yeah, if you’ve seen the photo on my Philio dual relay thread, it was good to be able to wire both lights to one dual relay but it was quite messy and it was a very tight squeeze to fit everything back in!

Also, I was thinking of getting some nice looking retractive switch panels but it will be a pain to rewire them all now!

@Kriskit - check this out,it looks like fibaro dimmer can be wired without neutral !!!
Before you do anything please consult your father-in-law.

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My Update on this and working code

hi, I have used the Fibaro Relay Switch 2x1,5kWbistable device type for my FGS-222 and its now resolved the problem with needing to ‘double switch’ my light switch in quick succession to turn lights off and on. The problem is now the multi-channel control has been lost as the individual endpoints for each channel no longer work for individual control in apps. Any ideas ?

Hi Touchstonemark

Please try this device and app

I need to set the Parameter 14 to 0, i want to switch from Toggle Switch to Momentary Switch.

Is it possible with ST?

this is possible yes. You need to add a configure block to your device type. If you look for thread for my device type for the ZME-KFOB you can see easily how this can be done.

You need to specify the capability of configuration in the meta data at the top then paste in my configure block and specify the parameter numbers specific to your device.

I am out and about at the moment, but if you are struggling then let me know which device type you are using and I will knock you one up

Hi Paul,

I have been studying, reading lots of post and yours helped me not only get a Fibaro 2x1.5kw working with to switches controlling each output, it also introduced me to device handling code for the first time.

Now that i have the device working from switches and the apple IOS APP i would like to introduce a smart app. Only problem i have fallen at the first hurdle… when i go to make the app in the apple IOS (market place, lights and switches, smart lights, which lights do you want to control…)
the newly added Fibaro relay is not in the list of options.

am I missing some thing simple or going about this the wrong way as the device is using the custom handler?

thank you in advance for any help or guidance you can offer.

best regards Mark

Hi @Mark200SX

I have modified the original device type and also the app a little. so my physical device is seen as a Relay Switch and the 2 virtual devices are seen as switches.

so the steps are, pair the device, change the device type and then configure the device options:

then create the 2 virtual devices I used “On/Off Button Tile” but looking at the thread you can now use simulated switch with the new code. (bellow is the old code)

and finally use the smart app to link the 3 item together.

Custom Device:

Custom App:

Thank you very much, I will work on this over the next few days and report back!

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Hi Paul,

I think i have made some progress but ultimately failed! I hope you can tell me how badly…

I have installed the new device handler and published it for my self. the New handles shows on my phone and I can switch each of the two lights connected to the FGS-222 realay on and off

I have installed device handles from a template for two on/off switch tiles

copied your code and made the smart app, publishing it for my self.

the problem starts when i try and tie it all together. I think the problem may be related to device names, my device display name is FGS-222 1, when i try and use the smart app it asks “which RSM2 module”
my relay is not an option in the list. Do i need to change some names in the smart app code or change my device name?

I have a text document with the error generated when i click install but cant upload it here. Once again any help you can provide is very gratefully received.

Thanks again


I have exactly the same problem that you have Mark. The app can not find the relay… ¿Any ideasof how to solve this?

HI Gaztea,

Unfortunately I have not fixed this yet. I’m pretty sure its going to come down to the name of the physical device and the name used to address it in the device handler and smart app all tying up. once this all works I think you will be able to select the virtual switches and your be up and running.

I will keep you posted here on any progress that I make this week, I have also sent a PM to Paul “Pukka” asking if he has any additional advice as I am unsure if he is still following this thread.

Cheers Mark

I managed to find a solution that works well. Instead of using this app using Dual Relay Adapter app.
You have to create two virtual switches and then using that app you can link each of the virtual switches to the two channels that you have in the fibaro using the app.

From that moment onwards the virtual switches will be linked all time and have the same status than the fibaro switches and you can use them in other apps.