Fibaro FGS-222 Dual Relay Switch integration

I have had a Fibaro FGS-222 Dual Relay Switch installed and connected to my smartthings app.

There is one problem:

If I turn it on using the app I cannot turn it off at the switch, I have to use the app to turn it off.

If I turn it on at the switch it doesn’t update to ‘on’ on the app so I cannot turn it off using the app, only using the switch again.

Can anyone offer any advice please?


Seems this may be an issue that can be overcome. What device handler are you using? I would try a different one if you cannot get it working properly.

This post for a device handler has a possible solution on the 2nd post by using virtual switches. I don’t have this device so I cannot speak directly about it. You should post on the device handler forum of what you are using.

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Many thanks for your reply. I’m afraid I’m new to this - but I did manage to install the device handler by copying and pasting the code and publishing it.

The bit I am struggling with is how to “link the handler to the device”. Is this done on the IDE or using the iphone app?

I can see “Z wave device multichannel” in the device list on IDE as well as on my phone app but this was there before I had installed the handler and doesn’t function properly. Should I remove that and try adding again? To add more confusion I am using this double relay switch to only control one light switch (electrician couldn’t connect it to both due to some wiring issue… wonder if this is what’s causing the problems).


Thank you very much for the detailed instructions! I had success linking the device with the handler but unfortunately it still doesn’t function properly. Maybe I’ll experiment with different handlers, or try removing the device and reinstalling. At least now I understand a lot more about handlers and devices, so I’m sure I’ll get there eventually!

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