Looking for Fibaro 212 relay device handler


Does anyone have, or know where I can source a device handler for FGS-212. ?

Ive found a couple that will apparently work with a FGS-222, though they also seem to work with other relays, and you need some sort of smartapp to configure.

As I’m a little green to the whole writing of a device handler, and am currently only comfortable with kind of picking apart preferences in prewritten ones Ive found, then trying to take one of these multi device handlers written for multichannel relays, and making them work with my single switch relay looks beyond my ability.

If anyone is aware of a device handler which switches these 212 relays, It would be much appreciated.

Ill be setting parameters to make them momentary, I believe these would be parameters 3 and 4 from looking at the manual.

Im hoping the range isn’t too bad on these being zwave only rather than zwave plus. Though if not in direct range, I should be able to make them 3rd or 4th hop with the addition of a few more dimmer 2 modules Ill be putting in.

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Actually i did make a device handler for this one tonight,
You’ll find it on my git here

Just putting it to test myself now, at 4 AM in the morning :rolling_eyes:
I dont expect it to work straight away since im halfway asleep doing this, but seems to work at this point :thumbsup:

good night :upside_down:

Wiring Fibaro 212 Relay with Momentary Switch

Thanks @nimrooz am using this one and is working. One question, why do report this switch as power meter?

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I look at your device handler there is no param14 available to set

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I am about to try this device handler unless anyone else has anything more up-to-date. Just need a simple on/off operation for me. Finger crossed.

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@ghesp how does @nimrooz device handler compare with yours?

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Mine works fine with on/off commands, however have not looked into it more since then, so wattage calculations are still not fixed…