Philio Tech PAN04 Dual Relay - Works with Custom Device Type!


I installed one of these dual relays over the weekend and just wanted to let you guys know that this relay works as a generic z-wave relay.

However, because there’s no specific device type for it, ST will switch both lights on/off together when activated. The physical switches will still switch each individual light on/off independently.

First time I messed with the house lighting wiring, and wasn’t quite prepared to deal with two separate “3 way” lighting circuits in one shot… took me a few hours to sort out and I’m still not sure I got it right exactly.

In hindsight, should’ve done more homework and started off with something a bit simpler…

Just in case anyone is interested, I found it on Amazon and vesternet, and also comes in a version with power monitoring:

Z-Wave Philio 2 * 1.5 KW Power Meter Plus @vesternet

Z-Wave Philio 2 * 1.5 KW Relay Inserts @vesternet

Philio Tech PAN04 Z-Wave Relay Insert 2 * 1.5 KW with Power Meter @Amazon

Now, I need to find time to see if I can find/code up a proper device type for this… any help/hints/ideas greatly appreciated!

Fibaro FGS-222 Dual Relay (ZWN-RSM2 device type) - WORKS!

Did some digging around this lunchtime to see if someone had already taken a stab at a device type for the dual relay version and I found this:

I’m very happy to report that the above also works for the Philio Tech dual relay!! Thanks @myfly325 & @mattjfrank!!

One thing to note, the above device type does not include power monitoring for versions of the relay that includes it.

(Pete) #3

good find. havent bit the bullet yet on smartthings, in the research stage now.

just wondering with your light switch, if the light switch is off can you still turn the light on via the app? or does the light switch have to be on for you to be able to control it with the app on/off.


Yes you can as the relay does all the actual switching on/off of the light.

The only complaint with the dual relay is the 2nd physical switch doesn’t update ST when you manually flip the 2nd switch. In the link I posted above, Joel mentions the workaround:

(Pete) #5

thanks for the update. still undecided on vera edge or the smartthings. i think smartthings has the potential just needs more refinement

i’m guessing what you did would also work with the fibaro dual relays.


Yeah, I agree, it has potential. Some of the coming soon rumours like bluetooth, USB 3G failover and other 3rd party protocol/device support certainly helps with future proofing!

It’s just a shame at this stage with the UK launch that there are teething issues and you still have to mess around to get quite a lot of stuff to work.

As for the fibaro dual relays, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work but I can’t say for sure as I don’t own one… yet! :grinning:


I just installed two Fibaro dual relays over the weekend and even though I’m only using one of the two loads, using the above custom device types do seem to work! I’ve posted about them in a new thread if you’re interested!

(Eric M) #8

Just FYI, I created a custom device type for the PAN04. Here is the link:


Awesome! I’ll give this a go later tonight, thanks!!


Just tried your device type and smartapp and I’m happy to report it’s all working fine, especially the app updating when I physically flip the light switch. Thanks!

Just one oddity, my light goes off by itself after a period of time, and I think it does it when I switch on the light from the app? However, I think this might be a platform issue tbh…

(Eric M) #11

Interesting, I’ll do some more testing tonight. Most likely it is a timing issue with the SmartApp. The SmartApp tries to keep things in sync between the virtual devices and the real devices. It can get confused if events are coming in from multiple places (like if you flip the physical switch and then shortly after switch it on the app). Especially if latency occurs on the back end. There are some delays that I can adjust to fix that, but I’ll post back after I’ve done some testing.

Although like you mentioned, it may be a platform thing. I’ve had some funky stuff going on with one of my other virtual switches today.


Yeah, I don’t believe it’s necessarily your modifications as it has happened a few times before with the previous device type/virtual buttons I was using. However, looking through the forums, people have reported strange going-ons after the recent upgrades.

Just out of curiosity, are you using a US or EU philio tech relay? Because when I was googling, I couldn’t find much information on philio relays in the US?

(Eric M) #13

I am in the US. I went with the Philio as it and the Enerwave were the only Dual Relay switches available at the time and the Enerwave does not support momentary switches. I actually bought an Enerwave and ended up sending it back when I found out it did not support momentary light switches.


Ah, I see now! Anyway, everything seems to be working fine atm so thanks for your work!!


I have installed the PAN04 device type, and all works brilliantly, except if i use try to turn on the relay switch with another app! I.e rule machine and smartlights! I can see it in the apps as a switch, but it will not control the switch.

Pulling my bathroom pull cord will change the status of the relay, and pressing the icon on my screen also changes the the status of the relay, but no other external apps will control the relay switch.

The relay that i am using is :- Z-Wave Fibaro Relay Insert 1 * 2.5 KW

I have spent 5 hours this morning trying to find a good device type, but none are controlling it as good as PANO4 device type but i wish i could find a way of also turning it off and on using another app!

(Eric M) #16

SmartThings doesn’t natively support devices with multiple switches (yet). As a workaround we have had to create virtual switches and use a SmartApp to sync the virtual switches and the real switch. Create two “Simulated Switch” virtual switches in the IDE and then use the SmartApp posted in my thread to tie everything together. Then you can use the virtual switches in any SmartApp, Routine, etc.


This is fantastic!!! This really works great!

Much appreciated.

Thank you very much erocm1231