Fibaro FGS-212 Z-Wave Relay Switch


I have recently implemented a Fibaro FGS-212 switch.

It was picked up in smartthings fine and is set up as a Z-Wave Device (Multichannel) and I can toggle it on and off fine, my problem is every now and then mostly at night after it hasn’t been toggled for a while it becomes un-responsive. Turning it off at the main and back on again brings it back to life and it operates fine again for a good few hours but once left has trouble responding, sometimes it does work after a few on/off toggles.

Does this sound like something might be timing out on the device or more like a connectivity issue between the device and the hub?


Did you implement a switch with yours? I can’t get the momentary switch working

Kind of, I set it up to control some under counter lights in a kitchen.

Ring main comes into a fused spur like the diagram on vesternet then
instead of going into a socket it went into the LED controller. I cut the
LED controller and wired it in as per the vesternet instructions. The fused
spur will kill the power to the Fibaro if turned off. Not sure if a
momentary switch will work with the switch or if its only compatible with
the dimmer?

Instructions say it works with a toggle or momentary switch.

I’m having a hard time getting mine to work though. Can control it from phone, just not from switch

Very strange. Not used it with a switch myself (other than the fused spur) so can’t offer any advice other than connecting it to S1 and L terminals on the relay.

Hello, bragg2012 did you ever fix the problem of it keep dropping off? I have the same issue?

Yeah, I think it was down to the hub being tucked away and not being able to communicate fully. Moved the hub so it was out in the open a bit more and haven’t had any issues since.

hi i have exactly the same setup with a fused switch. which powers an external light. i want to add the relay to control the light via smartthings.

can you post the wiring setup ?