Fibaro Dimmer FGD-211 not updating status with Edge driver


I migrated my old Fibaro FGD-211 dimmer to Edge from the old custom DTH and it no longer reports its status if I change the toggle switch it is wired to. The connected light turns on and off as it should, but that state is not reflected in the app and no routines run until I refresh the device page by pulling down from the top of the page on iOS.

If I use the app to turn the light on and off, the status updates correctly and associated routines work fine.

The fault occurs with the Smartthings beta Z-Wave Switch driver and with @Mariano_Colmenarejo’s Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc driver. I’m using a Smartthings Hub v2 and all my other devices are working fine since migrating to Edge.

I unfortunately have no idea where or how to start looking for a fix for this, so any help would be most welcome.


With the DTH, the status was correctly shown and updated.

Hi @cpetzny

To see what happens you have to see the logs of the message that the device sends to the driver.

If you have installed the CLI, you can send me the log and I’ll look at it.

Hello. I managed to get the CLI installed, but I have no idea how to use it to get any logs. Is there an idiot’s guide somewhere? Or could you point me in the right direction?


Hi @cpetzny

This is a tutorial to install CLI and capture logs