Fibaro FGD-211 and FGD-212 on smartthings with Momentary Switch

I have several Fibaro FGD-211 and FGD-212 on Smartthings Hub 2 with Momentary Switches (MK Grid type).

When I initially add a dimmer to the hub it works fine on both the wall momentary switch and also with the app and Z-wave control via the hub. But after a few minutes, the hub seems to reconfigure the dimmer parameters(?) so that the wall hardware switch doesn’t work at all. The app continues to work fine for control. I note that there are some Device Handlers in the smarttthings community that should solve this problem but don’t seem to.

This is quite a critical problem as I have dimmers in every room and at the moment I cannot connect them to the hub - otherwise when you walk into the room and use the light switch it doesn’t work.


(also posted on Fibaro forum)

For the Fibaro Dimmer 211 you need to change parameter 10 to 0. This should fix the problem of the physical switch not working after a short time. Not sure about the 212 though.

Agreed re parameter 14. But for some reason the 211 has a problem with the physical switch in that is stops working after a short time. Changing parameter 10 to 0 solves this. Don’t know why but it does.

It seems that disabling the ‘Parameter No. 10 - Time of Automatic moving the Dimmer between the extreme dimming values.’ functionality seems to have solved the issue.

Many thanks for your help. Sadly it means I’ve lost the smooth transitioning between on and off, but it does mean I’ve gained a lot of working wall switches.

ive just fitted a FGD-211, and set param 10 to 0 and param 14 to 1. when i flick the toggle switch it turns on but when i flick it off nothing happens, i have to double toggle then the light turns off.
Any ideas?