Fibaro Device issue

Strange issue with my Fibaro devices. i have a couple of RGBW zwave controllers which i have used for years.
Last night i notice that my routines didnt active the lights. When i checked in the smartthings app it shows the device as connected, but i have not buttons to turn it on/off or change colour like i did previously.
I’m guessing its to do with the edge migration works.
I’m just getting up to speed on edge, but does anyone know how to get the fibaro devices working?

check the 3 dot menu in the upper right of the device screen and see if there is a menu option labeled “Driver”


Zwave bulb mc driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo should sort any issues if migrated from groovy and as jimmy says above, you see the driver option

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thanks both, joining the beta and installing the drivers looks to have sorted it.

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