FAQ: Using the quick browse lists without the community wiki

Sadly, it doesn’t look like anyone is going to take over hosting the community wiki. A lot of the information that was there is now just lost. :disappointed_relieved:

However, you can still use the quick browse lists to quickly find custom edge Drivers for specific device classes, like shades or lighting or sensors, but it will take a few more steps. Or to find project reports, like ones for holidays.

The quick browse lists were always based on the “tag“ feature of this forum. Basically, they just took you to a page that listed all of the forum topics that used a particular tag.

New topics are still being tagged, so you can still use those lists, it’s just not as good as a real wiki.

Here are the tags in use as of December 2023:




edge_hvac (includes fans, thermostats, hvac equipment, etc)

edge_lighting (includes switches, bulbs, and in wall relays)



edge_pocketsocket (Smart plugs)

edge_remotes (includes buttons, remotes, scene controllers)

edge_security (sirens, alarm systems)


(for connection with other platforms or a local server)

edge_shades (window coverings)




And a few project topics. Note that anything written before 2023, may be referring to code or devices which are no longer available, but the general approach will probably still be interesting.

Accessibility Projects: home automation ideas for people who are blind, deaf, or use wheelchairs

Alerts and Notification Projects
AV Projects
Bathroom Projects
Doorbell Projects

Garage Projects
Gate Projects
Holiday Projects
HVAC Projects

“Impress Your Friends” Projects: really cool stuff, from a magic wand remote control to a hidden bookcase room

irrigation and water feature Projects
Kitchen Projects
Lighting Projects
Lock and access control Projects
Logging Tools and Projects
mailbox Projects
Pet and livestock Projects
Pool Projects

Power Projects: batteries, solar power, UPS, monitoring, power usage, etc.

Presence Projects
Router and Communications Projects
Second Home Projects, including rentals
Sensor Projects
Weather Projects
Whole House Projects, including budgeting and platform/hub selection
Yard Projects

So it’s not as easy as the old community wiki was, but at least the information has not been lost. :thinking:


In case the above gets out of date, here’s the process.

  1. if you know the tag, you want to search for, enter it in the search box in the forum. This will bring up a small pop up with a few of the matching threads. I’m not sure what order they’re listed in, but it’s not very useful. Select any one of those threads.

  1. this will open that thread at its first post. Look up next to the title of the thread and you will see its tags. Now just tap on the tag that you want to explore, in this example, “edge_shades.”

(Note that if you don’t know what the tag is, you can probably find it on an existing thread for a device in that device class. So you would be starting from step two rather than step one.)

Tapping on the tag will bring up a full size list of all the threads with that tag— which is the same result you got from the quick browse lists in the community wiki.

  1. so here’s what that looks like. Again, this is the one for edge_shades. The topics will be listed from newest to oldest, unlike the little pop-up window, and it’s pretty easy to scroll down and see if you can find what you’re looking for.

This method will work with any of the forum tags. Here’s the result for the tag. “project_holidays.“


Oh, and if you are specifically looking for one of the very popular edge Drivers from commmunity developer Mariano Colmenarejo , which mostly end in his initials MC, here’s the invitation link for his channel. (For some reason, a lot of people recommend one of these without including the link. :thinking:)


But I do recommend using the links in the previous post to try to find his author thread on the specific device you are looking for, because that thread will often include important information about configuring the driver. Also, that thread is where you would ask any questions about it.


Also, Aeotec has released custom edge drivers for many of its devices:

Aeotec Edge Drivers : Aeotec Help Desk

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If you don’t find an existing edge driver, you can check the community request Threads to see if someone has already requested it. If not, you can add a new request. Make sure you read the first post in that thread carefully as it explains what information you will need to post to make a request.

There is one request list for Z wave, one for Zigbee, and one for LAN devices.


Post Requests for Zwave Edge Drivers Here (community-created)


Post Requests for Zigbee Edge Drivers Here (community-created)


Post Requests for LAN/WIFI Edge Drivers Here (community-created)