How do I find whether there is a community edge driver for a specific device?

I am familiar with the officially supported devices listed in the SmartThings app, but how do I find if there is a community built edge driver for a device that is not officially supported?

Post details about the device including the fingerprints (Mfg. Code, Model) if possible.

The easiest place to start is the quick Browse lists in the community – created wiki. Lists are divided by device class, so there’s one list for Sensors, one list for Locks, etc. This makes them pretty quick to scan.

( there is also a table of edge Drivers page in the wiki, which is probably closer to what you were hoping for, and certainly what I would like to see, but we just haven’t had enough people contribute to it and unfortunately, the voice reader that I use doesn’t handle tables well, so I can’t update it. So it exists, it just doesn’t have very many devices entered in it.)

If you can’t find your device on the quick Browse lists, there are threads in the forum where you can post a custom request. The information about those is on the quick Browse list page. But check the quick Browse lists first, because it may already exist. :sunglasses:

Thanks @JDRoberts thats very useful.

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