Edge Drivers Section Added to Wiki Quick Browse Lists

We’ve added an edge drivers section to the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. And tags here for edge devices to parallel the previous DTH tags for community created code. This should make it easier to find new community created edge drivers.

Note that since the edge platform itself is currently in Beta, all community-created edge drivers should be considered to be in beta as well.


The “edge-device” tag will continue to pull up all edge related topics, including bug reports, developer questions, etc.


And if you’re looking for the list of stock edge drivers, @Andremain has one here:

Note to all edge driver authors: If you see an edit mark on your title, it’s just because I added the new edge tags so your topic will show up in the quick browse lists and more people will see it. :sunglasses:

@TAustin @iquix @ygerlovin @Mariano_Colmenarejo @philh30


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Missing the zooz edge drivers from Kevin and the hue dimmer driver from iquix


Thanks! I’ve added the tag for @iquix, but I don’t see forum threads for @krlaframboise ’s zooz Edge Drivers. Did I just miss them? I know he’s working on a channel, but without a forum thread there’s nothing to tag so they show up in the lists. :thinking:

I think he’s only shared it via PM so far, maybe ask him

If any authors want their channels listed in the quick browse list, they just have to start an author thread in the community-created device types section of this forum, and then we can tag it. :sunglasses: but some authors may want to limit the number of participants for now so they don’t have to deal with the beta hassles. Obviously, it’s up to them.

I’m currently one of those developers.

Drivers don’t use Live Logging which makes troubleshooting end user problems difficult and the edge driver platform currently has several issues so I probably won’t post the Zooz channel URL to the forum until Edge Drivers are no longer considered Beta.

Technically there is something like live logging for drivers, but users need to install the CLI to see it and asking an end user to do that isn’t a viable option.


On the SmartThings Drivers (Beta) channel I see an option for a Zigbee Dimmer Remote.

I am trying to find the compatible device list. Checked the forum and github but didn’t see it. Can anyone point me to where to find supported devices?

Click into the driver’s folder and look in the fingerprints.yml file

I submitted a request with @nayelyz a while ago to add a list of these to the sharing url for the channel.

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Indeed, I created that enhancement request for the invitation page. :+1:


That’s the thing. If you look at the github picture I posted that driver isn’t shown. I can access it from your link so thank you

Looks like you weren’t on the main branch.