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Eurotronics Spirit TRV

(Markus8010) #21

great news @dougalAgain I keep my fingers crossed. So far I like Eurotronic Spirit TRV because it is rather simple to physically handle, looks good to me and is not that expensive.

(Markus8010) #22

@alexmihaila64 I admire Your coding skills.
I also bought the licence from RBoy. any possibility to inform us if it is easy to adapt the Rboy code and if so which changes have to be made?

( - Make your home your butler!) #23

If anyone is interested in using our work for commercial purposes we would be happy to help you, please contact us

(Alex Mihaila) #24

Sorry for not answering faster, i am în vacation away for home. I only managed to get the TRV to display temperature and opening and get heating setpoint from controller. It was not simple task because TRV is more advanced than RBoy DTH, and i only use basic tasks instead of full potential. I used some parts from RBoy, some from Popp TRV and some from ST DTH. Its unfinished business, but it works for me. I will give more detail when i will get home. Also i used as a sample the driver used în Athomey home controller (from their forum) which is fully funcțional. And my coding skills are not very good, i just started less than 6 months ago, but this TRV make me take the challenge, i think its the best in EU/UK (and i have several other TRVs like popp and devolo)

(Markus8010) #25

Enjoy Your vacation @alexmihaila64. looking forward with what You may come up. here is a screenshot from the @RBoy DTH.
it works but needs some adaption.

(Edward Cann) #26

Hi All,

I’ve made some great progress, currently my handler has working Tiles for:

Eco Mode Enable/Disable
Boost Mode Enable/Disable
Off/Heat button
Child lock On/Off
Battery level
Current temperature in room

Just need to work on the set point

I also have settings screen that allows you to set:

Invert LCD
LCD timeout
Eco Temperature (not working yet)
Enable Backlight
Open window detection sensitivity
Temperature offset

really please with how it’s all working except for one thing:

When i save the settings page it doesn’t send the settings to my device
I tried adding my commands to the updated() function and it runs that (log entries added) but doesn’t actually send to the device.
after saving you have to click refresh (I’ve added the commands in there for now) in order to send settings to the device. any thoughts on that would be great

I’ll let you know when the temp set point and eco settings are done as it’ll be a working DH then!

(Edward Cann) #27

(Edward Cann) #28

Found some time today and got the last little bits working.
so here it is:

I Still have a load of tweaks I want to make (better config at install time, saving prarameters when you save the settings page, updating status when the buttons on the device are pressed, integrate with Alexa etc.)

DH is provided as is at the moment, but it should get you up and running


Which TRV's?
(Edward Cann) #29

Oh and Icons it needs better Icons!


Wow, that looks great! Exactly what I was looking for. I’ll test this with my setup on the weekend. Keep up the good work!

(Markus8010) #31

@dougalAgain that looks great! I ll give it a test on Sunday. thanks a lot for Your work - it is much appreciated


Hi, some short feedback:
The DTH works great with my devices. The only thing I found was, that an unresponsive device (dead battery in my case) is not reporting even with device health reporting in Smartthings… No clue where this issue is coming from.
Some minor tweaks, I applied (all stolen from other DTH, as I have no clue about coding):

  • I changed the formatting of the temperature to only one digit
    (def map = [ displayed: true, value: (String.format("%2.1f",cmd.scaledSensorValue)) ])
  • I changed the value tile to variable Icons (canChangeIcon: true)
  • I switched the Background Color of the shown temperature in the value tile depending on the value (backgroundColors:[[value: 0, color: “#153591”], [value: 5, color: “#1e9cbb”], …)

So far this is working out great. Thanks for all the effort, you put into this one :slight_smile:

(Markus8010) #33

@dougalAgain I did some testing and it works really well!
thanks a lot for Your efforts.
I am really glad that this TRV is now working with ST.

(David B) #34

HI all

I am knew to this as in about 8 months I have had my box now.

I have 11 Bulbs
6 Door sensores
4 PIR Sensors
All work, well most of the time but I have been unable to get the TRV working.

I have followed the instructions on here several times aswell as walkaway and come back days later !!!

I just cant get the Eurotronic Spirit to work

Please kelp as I have just brought 8 and its a bit expensive as a paper weight lol

(Ben Erkens ) #35

Hi David, where are you living, which SmartThings and Eurotronic valve do you have?

Both need to be EU or US version due to the frequency of Z-Wave.

I have a Spirit connected to my SmartThings.

Can’t you connect at all or do you need the proper Device Handler?

Grtn Ben


Very interesting thread - and thanks all for your efforts - I am tempted to go for one of these :slight_smile:

Seems a little cheaper (and I’d want several once tested)

My assumption is an EU Spirit Zwave would be compatible with DTH etc - anyone got any thoughts/advice ?


ALso as an aside this store seems to have a lot of home automation kit at reasonable prices.

(Ben Erkens ) #38

Here another clone of the Eurotronic Spirit: Komforthaus

Eurotronic Spirit TRV

Other references:

Domoticz & Eurotronic Spirit

(Ben Erkens ) #39

On the Reichelt website: ET stands for… EUROTRONIC!

So you get an original heatvalve.

Confusing the text “Elektronik und Technik bei Reichelt”, looks also like ET :alien:.

ET phone home

(Mathias Becker) #40

Hey Edward,

big big thanks for this DTH - I just got 5 TRVs and everything works great.
As I am barely a developer and not at all familiar with groovy and the ST-framework at all, I have one tiny request that might be super easy to solve:
I´m tracking temperatures using a google sheet to get a better perspective on how my house behaves at certain outdoor temperatures… however it is currently easy to track the current temperature that is measured by every TRV.
It would be awesome to also be able to track the heatingpoint that is currently set. It looks to me, like this value is currently not exposed and therefore can not be tracked by any smartapps. How would I change that?

If anyone else has a quick hint for me, feel free to share! :wink:
Thanks again for this amazing DTH - gotta love smartthings and especially it’s community!! <3