Enerwave ZWN-BPC Z-wave Ceiling Mounted, Battery Powered PIR Sensor

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere - has anyone tried this ceiling mounted motion sensor with SmartThings?

I like the form factor of these a lot. Look like a smoke detector which helps with the WAF.

It doesn’t appear in the Google doc of compatible SmartThings, but they do list some other Enerwave items.

Just ordered one from Amazon so I’ll be the guinea pig!

I would love to have a couple around the house, I’m sure my wife might not even noticed them. Let us know if it works out for you.

This looks so much like a smoke detector. Nest Protect also has PIR, luminance, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors. When will they open up their API so we can have just one device on our ceilings.

This arrived yesterday. Was able to pair easily, but it’s not currently working properly.

SmartThings identified as Door/Window switch. I went into the Graph and switched to “Z-Wave Motion Sensor”

It’s now reporting battery, but showing nothing but “motion” and never turning off.

Sent a ticket to support but they sent me back here.

Any ideas?

Try changing the sensitivity pin settings on the unit? I saw that in the docs.

I’ll give that a shot. It’s been sitting in a drawer overnight and it’s never shown “No motion”. There are two DIP switches on the unit. Supposedly:

↑↑ is 100% sensitivity
↑↓ is 75% sensitivity
↓ ↑ is 50% sensitivity
↓ ↓ is 25% sensitivity

I had it at 75% but I’ll turn it all the way down to 25% and see if that helps.

I am interested in this sensor as well. Have you had any luck getting it to work properly?

Had some other things come up so it’s been on the back burner. I sent an email to the enerwave people about the issue and hopefully they’ll have some suggestions.

Even after changing the sensitivity to 25%, SmartThings still shows constant motion. The led indicator light on the unit itself flashes green only when there is movement, so I think it’s on SmartThings end.

I’ll try poking around in the back end a bit today and see if anything obvious jumps out. I’m not programmer though so I don’t expect much :frowning:

The Raw Description for this item is: 0 0 0x2001 0 0 0 7 0x30 0x84 0x80 0x85 0x72 0x86 0x70

Doing some searching, it appears that these are the classes:


Does this look like other motion sensors? Does anybody know a way to get a standard z-wave motion sensor device type that I could play around with? Tried in the IDE to create a new device type, but didn’t have much luck.

You could start with the device type Everspring Motion. It has very similar class capabilities. Looks like the Enerwave is missing the alarm (0x71) and whatever basic is (0x20) configs.

// 0x30 0x86 0x72 0x85 0x71 0x84 0x80 0x70 0x20
    // 0x30 sensor binary
    // 0x86 version
    // 0x72 manuf
    // 0x85 association
    // 0x71 alarm
    // 0x84 wake up
    // 0x80 battery
    // 0x70 configuration
    // 0x20 basic

Has anyone been able to pair this with SmartThings? I’ve tried everything, even trying to add it as a “Switch” as @Engelwood did, but still nothing.

@Engelwood did you ever have any luck getting it to work with SmartThings?

No luck so far.

Spent an hour or so a while back trying to get it to work in the ide with the everspring motion sensor as a base.

I also sent an email in to the top greener people (sellers of enerwave items) and they said that they’re “working on it” with SmartThings. That was a few weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything back yet.

“working on it with SmartThings”… that’s kinda the kiss of death. Very few things that I am waiting for ever come out of that black hole again. It’d be nice if they released some sort of multiple modes (ModeSets I call that) or the ability for an Arduino Thing Shield to control more than one object… but I digress. Maybe there’s hope.

Yep. Just got this back from the top greener people:

"We apologize that we could not provide efficient tech support at this time. Smartthings has not worked with the technical person of the manufacturer yet?

Is it possible that you contact Smartthings directly? We have inquired the manufacturer to follow up with your case. But we apologize that it may take them a while to figure this out.

We apologize for the inconvenience!"

Too late to go back to amazon :frowning:

Maybe I’ll give it another go this weekend…

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Got one…works great, now…
paired easily but like engelwood stated, ST sees it as a door/switch…went in and changed the device type to Z-Wave Motion Sensor…but it still acted funny. There are dip switches that you can set for sensitivity
↑↑ is 100% sensitivity
↑↓ is 75% sensitivity
↓ ↑ is 50% sensitivity
↓ ↓ is 25% sensitivity

…I had them set at 100%, so I thought…tried it setting to 25% and works fine. I’m using this in my stairwell as I blew a set of 3-way z-wave controller and aux. switch(my condo was built in the 80’s and who knows how they wired this place, had like 3 white and 4 black wires)…using this motion sensor with a hue bulb now. Going to get a second one…I really like it.

Nice! I tried all dip switch settings and didn’t have any luck.

It’s not showing constant motion all the time?

I’m going to exclude and re-pair in a few and see if I can get it working.

Just so we’re on the same page, this is the setting you have for 25% sensitivity?

This is how mine is set.