Ecolink Z-Wave Motion Sensor

Ok anyone use a Ecolink Z-Wave Motion Sensor yet?

I just picked up a few to play with just getting started in this home automation thing. So far I started easy I have a bunch of Schlage door/window sensors, 2 ST multi seniors on the garage doors, and 2 water sensors in the sump pump and water heater. Pretty neat and easy so far. Lights are next i just have a bunch of 3 switch light setups that I don’t understand the wiring yet. Anyways.

My current issue is how do I tell ST app that this sensor is a Motion sensor? When I install it, ST makes it a door?

@defy I just tested this today! There were a few bugs but they got ironed out. If you remove it and repair it then it should work.

I tried that and to add another one and both still show as a door sensor. Do I need to reset my app? update something? Sorry still a noob at this. I also want to figure out how to remote into my hub (I am guessing that’s how people do it) to see all my devices so I can do the trouble shooting myself.

Nevermind, i just figured out how to get into the website (i was trying to log in with my forum name before). So I figured out how to manually change it now. Still won’t show the battery status on my phone but at least it’s a motion sensor now.

@defy you shouldn’t have to retype it actually. I wonder if its a firmware related thing? Can you toss an email to with your username and I’ll make sure you’re up to date?

@urman Yeah i just picked a generic Zwave motion sensor from the drop down. But when I connect it with my phone is still shows as a door/window sensor. Once I set it on the web then refresh my app it shows as a motion. I just did 4 of them. I sent an email. Thanks for the help!

Also the add a group button doesn’t work after right. If i go from the main page where it says “Using these tools you can manage your hubs and devices, give them unique names, and organize them into locations and groups.” and click on groups then add a group it works. Once I add a group once though I have to back out and come back in from that main page. Is there a better place bring these types of issues to ya’ll attention?

@defy a post here or an email to support. If you email support you will get a response where you may no get one here. Doesn’t mean we don’t see it though!

Does this have sensitivity adjustment? I have a 25lb dog I don’t want it to detect, but I have 2 40lb kids I want it to.

I just set up my ST hub yesterday and I’m having the same issue that Nick (@defy) was having. The hub sees these Ecolink motion sensors as door/window sensors. I’ve tried including and excluding several times with the same result.

I have the ecolink motion sensor working nicely with ST. There is a known bug when pairing this device to ST but they say they are working on it. In the mean time, here is a way around the bug.

First, if you have ever paired any of the ecolink sensors (including tilt) with any other system, you first need to unpair the device. This is done by going to the ide site from your computer to add a fake device and then from your phone unpairing the real device.

Here are the details to unpair a device that is paired to another system (also good for troubleshooting a device that is not working):

  1. Log into here:
  2. My Devices
  3. New Device
  4. Fill in required fields. Pick a random name and pick a Device hexidecimal device ID that is not in use. ex: 1A. For type pick z-wave door/window sensor then select your location and hub. Click Create
  5. From the phone app, find the newly-created device under Things, click the gear in the top right of the device, click Preferences, and then remove.
  6. Then remove the battery and put it back in.
  7. It will tell you it either found the device to unpair or it unpaired an unrelated device. If it does that, then click Force Delete if the message is still there.

Now to add the motion sensor:

  1. In the phone app, click the plus sign to get into setup
  2. Click Connect New Device
  3. Remove the battery of the motion detector and put it back in
  4. It will detect as a door/window - Just click Done
  5. Go back to
  6. Click My Devices
  7. Click on the device you just added that was picked up as a door/window sensor
  8. Edit
  9. In the Type drop down, select Z-wave Motion Sensor

You should be good to go.


Yes, the Ecolink Z-wave motion sensor has a jumper inside the case. When you are installing the battery you can move the jumper

Jumper on Pet 1 is for small size pet immunity
Jumper on Pet 2 is for medium size pet immunity
No jumper is maximum sensor sensitivity - no pet immunity

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No matter how many hours I try to pair the Ecolink Motion Sensor to my hub… no luck. I followed vbandit’s suggestion to exclude first. Still no luck. Super frustrating. I bought two Ecolink motion sensors and I can’t get either to pair. I’m starting to wonder why this is so difficult and if my hub isn’t functioning properly.

I feel your pain. It is much more difficult to pair than it should be. I found this other way to unpair devices that sometimes works well too. Remember to use the same procedure to pair it as I have listed above and make sure it is within range. Maybe pair it while being in the same room as the hub.

Try this other process to unpair:

  1. Log into here:
  2. Click on “My Hub”
  3. Click on “View Utilities” button
  4. Click Z-wave exclude
  5. Remove battery of one of the motion sensors and put it back in… Let it sit for 20-30 seconds. (the website message will not update)
  6. Navigate to the home page of the graph.api.smartthings site

Now try the instructions above to pair.

You may need to do this 2 or 3 times for stubborn devices. Once they link though, they are solid.

Hope that helps!


Worked for me… thanks vbandit… was driving me nuts.

I paired mine perfectly on the first try… however this sucks at detecting motion. I have to be 1ft in front of it and waving my hand in front of it repeatedly and then sometimes the SmartThings app will show motion. Can’t tell if it’s EcoLink lagging or all of SmartThings still being incredibly buggy…

Presence detection doesn’t work, motion detection lags, lights turn off and on randomly… it’s the future alright!

I finally got mine paired, but it shows perpetual motion. Any idea on how to fix this?

Every few days mine will do that until I unpair it and then re-pair it. It REALLY should NOT be listed as officially compatible with SmartThings. I can’t tell if it’s junk or if the integration is junk.

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I am running into the same issue. The motion detection has no peripheral vision and when it does detect motion it takes 5 minutes after motion stops until ST returns to no motion state. I bought 2 of these because I have dogs and smart things motion sensor can’t adjust sensitivity, but they are worthless if they act like this. Any suggestions for motion sensors that work with ST but are also pet immune?

when I read some paperwork on it when I got mine, it seemed to say it has like a 4 minute cycle…which I took to mean if it says it sees something, it will report as such for 4 minutes. I could be losing my mind, but mine tends to act that way.

I know when you set it up, it has some very specific instructions about how to get it going…mine seems to work ok, but you need to get on the porch within 4 feet before it fires with the least sensitivity option enabled to avoid false stuff.

i have 1 ecolink motion and 3 ecolink tilt sensors and i havent needed to upair any of them to pair each one successfully. I actually use my ecolink motion on stairway for lighting them automatically and has been working well. I have my ecolink motion set to “test” mode for the past two weeks, which sets the delay time from 4 mins to 5 seconds, and have had great results. I was interested in getting more of these sensors but now im not sure reading these problems people are having.

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