New Jasco/GE occupancy/ZW+ switch (GE 26931)

Just what we’ve all been waiting for .


We’re already talking internally about how to prioritize onboarding of these devices. They look awesome!


Assuming as of this moment there is no DTH for it . I’m already looking around the house and planning where I can replace switch and separate PIR with one of these.

Is there a zigbee version of this? I could use a few for sure.

Any progress on the DTH, @slagle ? I’ve got two switches (26931) I was planning to install this afternoon. I will report back on how they are recognized, how they behave, and I would be happy to try out any handler you guys have in the works. I’m not a coder, but I can copy/paste well enough :slight_smile:

So I managed to get them both installed before the system went down just a bit ago. They paired pretty quickly as a generic zwave multichannel device:

I’m still toying with the settings, but my first impression is they’re a little on the insensitive side. Working out whether that has to do with the illuminance control setting (lights only come on when the room is dark enough). I’ll wait a bit longer until it gets dark out to mess with it, but so far they’re OK.


I would love ST integration for these switches, I plan on doing a home upgrade as soon as this gets ironed out.

Any timeline for official ST support?

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If it’s helpful, it’s spitting out some interesting notifications when it senses motion but is not triggered to turn on (when it’s light enough out, specifically)

@Nhaley - Have you been able to get ST to recognize the switch as a motion sensor? I’m not seeing the reporting you are in my activity feed, and ST seems to only recognize the device as a basic dimmer. Currently unable to run any smartlighting programs, which kills the idea of using it in a bedroom where people sleep at different times. Thanks!

No, I’m not sure that’s possible yet. That lengthy report is only a seen when there’s motion, but the illuminance level overrides turn on - one of the manual settings you can adjust for when you install.

Yeah, I turned off the illuminance settings for some testing earlier - motion detection at the switch seems to be fairly decent, but I did have to change the sensitivity to “high”. Hopefully ST will offer official support eventually, I’d like to be able to leave the illuminance setting on - but have the switch set to ignore motion past a certain time. Bedroom lights waking other sleepers up could be a deal-breaker! :yum:

I also have both set to high, just to get them nearly as sensitive as I’d like. For our laundry room, I still have to be within 5’ or so of it for it to trigger. Wife’s happy, so whatevs.

I assume this means with the right device handler, we will be able to tap into the motion sensor. My laundry room lights (set to turn on light or dark) are not reporting this way - just the hall light, which is set to turn on only when dark + motion. @slagle… Progress?

I’ve installed 2 of the new motion sensing dimmers model 26933 (
After i paired them with smartthings they showed up as a Fibaro Dimmer device. I changed that to Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic because ON/OFF function is working but not correctly updating the ON/OFF status on the APP.
I notice on the live log, that there are these types of errors in the log when i Turn the light ON/OFF through the APP.
UNHANDLED COMMAND Crc16Encap(checksum: 24864, command: 5, commandClass: 113, data: [0, 0, 0, 255, 7, 0, 0])
I’m sure this will be corrected once theses devices are official added/supported by ST.

Will these be supported by ST as a motion sensor and if yes, how long before that happens? Bought several hoping to be able to use motion sensing for security monitoring in ST as well as light switch control. It paired as a Z-wave Device Multichannel with on off but no standard motion sensing buttons. Not a developer, so was hoping it would have worked out of the box.

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Mine arrived today. These are slick! The clickiness of the buttons are a lot nicer than the GE paddle switches. They have a nice soft feel to them. Eagerly awaiting an official DH.

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Just wondering if its possible to isolate the sensor…

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And if the “light level” is available too. I have one and the occupancy settings have a brightness override, which means it has some sort of light meter…

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And if we can get that LED to light up. :smiley: (it doesn’t light up by default)