Kidde RemoteLync

Anyone see this yet?

Looks like a solid device. It listens for existing smoke/co alarms and notifies. No need to rip and replace existing alarms.

Its the cost of one Nest Protect.

Sounds great, but why? If you have an integrated Z-wave Smoke/Co detector in your house you will get push notification from ST. And same goes for the motion sensors, door sensors.

I can see a use for it if you have existing nonnetworked wired smoke alarms in a rental or vacation home.

The point is if you don’t have zwave or other smart detectors…

I just moved - why rip and replace brand new HARD WIRED detectors.

I had the first alert zwave detectors at my old house but they were battery operated and not interconnected

This is a great option.

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I want this big time! Code regulations forced me to not go with z-wave smoke detectors so this is a way to integrate my dumb smoke detectors.

@tyler - thoughts??? You guys don’t have much else going on!

Yea @Tyler this one’s priority 1 for me. There’s also Leeo nightlight if it’s easier (read:cheaper) for you guys to have an official integration with ST.

I just installed 7 Nest Protects hardwired to pass code also on an extension I am doing. Tell me about it.

Yea I think I could have gotten away with that but there’s no way I can afford that. Plus after watching multiple videos of them freaking out simultaneously I’d rather not.

I got V2 Protects, so far so good, but yes their past historical issues were unacceptable. 12 months no interest from Best Buy is a beautiful thing :smile:

Haha touche, I’ve got enough of that funny money for a while. I’m hoping since Kidde put their name on it, it’s accurate. There’s always return policies.


I picked up one of these yesterday - seems to work pretty well - super easy to install, especially because mine are all hardwired - it can be installed anywhere.

@tyler - how about an integration!!!’???

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Can it differentiate from Smoke and Co2 and send different notification?
Will it update me if the alarm stops?

it can tell the difference - I’m not sure if it will alert on all clear

some insurance companies will pay for (reimburse) a Nest Protect

Pretty limited carries and states…otherwise I would do it

NJ wasn’t listed for Liberty Mutual, but they’ll honor it… so a call/email to your agent may be worth it :wink:

I emailed my rep - said it was cool but a no go right now anyway

In their video they explain how the different tones that they listen for are standardized so it can differentiate.

Has anyone seen integration between ST & Kidde RemoteLync? It would be great to monitor using the ST Smart Home Monitor.