{EDGE} Utilitech Wireless Indoor Siren Model TSE07-1 pared as switch

I tied to pair my Utilitech Wireless Indoor Siren Model TSE07-1 with the stock “Z-wave Siren” Edge Drive, but instead it paired with the stock Edge “Z-wave switch” driver.

The problem is that since I am using the stock Edge “Z-wave switch” driver for a number of switches I can not delete so that I can pair the siren with the old groovy DTH.

The finger print is: zw:F type:1000 mfr:0060 prod:000C model:0001 ver:1.00 zwv:2.64 lib:06 cc:20,25,86,80,85,72,71

My temporary solution was to use automations to link the switch with a virtual alarm and link the virtual alarm to STHM.

Hi, @Paul_Oliver!
Yes, it seems that fingerprint is not added to the Z-Wave Siren driver yet and the Z-Wave switch driver has a generic fingerprint that takes on the device. However, there are two things you can do:

  1. Copy the stock DTH and paste it into your IDE account. Custom DTHs come before drivers when you join the device.
  2. Download the “Z-wave Siren” driver and add the missing fingerprint, then, even if it’s joined to “Z-Wave switch”, you can use the tool in the app to change the driver of the device.

The difference between them is that #1 will make the device run in the Cloud. These alternatives are so you can continue using your devices, in the meantime, I will ask the team why the fingerprint is missing.

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Thanks for replying.

Option 1 is very easy to do. I should have thought of that one myself. In addition after installing and pairing with the custom DTH, I should be able to switch back to the stock DTH for local control.

Option 2 looks very interesting, but is currently beyond my skills. I have been using Edge Drivers and the CLI for months, but have never modified a driver. When I go to GitHub I see there are a number of files for each Edge Driver including one called fingerprints.yml. I could download load it and add the fingerprint, but I have no idea what to do after that. Is there some sort of “Dummies” guide for adding fingerprints to Edge Drivers?

Thanks again for your reply, and option one will work at least temporarily.

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It’s not much more than that. Make sure you download the entire zwave-siren folder and preserve the folder structure. After adding your fingerprint, you would follow the steps in the tutorial below in the “Uploading Your Driver to SmartThings” section.

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Thanks @philh30
I would like to learn how to do this. Then I would not have to bug other people like you and @Mariano_Colmenarejo to add fingerprints for me.


Give it a try. Post if you hit a roadblock and you’ll get plenty of help.

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If you have any questions, ask, sure you’ll get help.

I don’t know if this tutorial can also help you


Well with a lot trial and error I have a working driver for my Utilitech Siren.

The battery level is not reporting, but I have seen that before, so I will check again tomorrow to see if it is working.

Thank you @philh30 and @Mariano_Colmenarejo for your help.


I made another change this afternoon and got battery reporting to work.


So you have working edge driver for your siren? :slight_smile:

Can we add please NEO Coolcam zwave Siren?

zw:F type:1005 mfr:0258 prod:0003 model:1088 ver:2.94 zwv:4.38 lib:06 cc:5E,86,72,5A,73,70,85,59,25,71,87,80


I can add the fingerprint but I don’t have the device or any coding skills to debug any problems.

My driver is very basic. On/Off and battery. They is no way to change tones or volume. Doesn’t sound like it would work right for the Neo

Ah then leave it for now.
I’ll stick to the driver i allready have.

I also have this siren and am attempting to switch it to the new architecture. It appears as though the fingerprint is now in the “production z-wave siren” edge driver.

I have removed the device but when I re-pair it, I think it is re-pairing with the legacy DTH (doesn’t show “placeholder” in the legacy API UI and doesn’t have a “Driver” choice in the Android app).

I may be operating on an incorrect assumption but I thought that all production edge drivers were automatically installed to my hub and that re-pairing a device fingerprinted in production would correctly choose the edge driver over the legacy driver? Is that right or do I need to manually install the production z-wave driver to my hub before repairing. Thanks!!

Go to your hub device in the phone app. Click on the 3 dots in upper right corner and select drivers. It will list all drivers installed on your hub.

If the driver is not there you should be able to install it from the beta site.

Thank You Paul!

So I did that… and it worked… but was my assumption wrong that it should have automatically found and used the production driver since the fingerprint is already in production?

Thanks again!!

I am not sure. But at this point I think the production drivers are only automatic for those in the Beta firmware program.

Did you get the driver from Channel and Drivers Web UI

that is listed as Z-Wave Siren?

I have the same siren. Does that edge driver currently support this siren? Thank you

Last Feb. I downloaded the ST Beta Z-Wave Siren Edge Driver and added the fingerprint for my Siren. And it works just fine.

Today I checked and I am able to switch to ST Beta Edge driver, so it looks like you should be able to use that driver.

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Thank you so much!!