GoControl WA105DBZ-1 siren

Anyone know of any edge drivers that work with GoControl WA105DBZ-1 siren?


I installed this z-wave siren edge driver for this Go Control Siren and it works. Once enrolled search available drivers and find the z-wave siren. You may need to remove the device and reinstall it for it to pick up the new driver.


That’s weird. I have that driver installed but when I try to select a different driver it isn’t listed in the options.

I even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it to the hub.

The only driver option that works is the z-wave switch one. No z-wave siren driver appears in the list.

Any update on how to get the driver to show up as an option? I can see it for other devices but not this siren. Since the move to Edge drivers, the connectivity has been terrible too. The device is always offline unless really close to the hub.

I’m having the same issue with my WA105DBZ-1 siren. Tried excluding and added the device back again but still shows up only as a z-wave switch. Have you had any luck?

I’m having the same problem, only z wave switch
guess nobody has figured out a solution :frowning: