Using an Existing Edge Driver for a Different Device? (2021)


I have a question which it feels like I should know the answer to, but I don’t. :thinking:

For many years, people have been able to make some hub connected devices work by assigning an existing DTH from a completely different brand.

For example, there are quite a few Motion Sensors that will work if you change the DTH to the smartthings motion sensor DTH.

Another example is the Heltun Quinto 5 button zwave switch. Some community members have gotten this to work by assigning it to the zooz power strip DTH.


Is there anyway with edge drivers to manually assign a device that added as a generic Z wave or zigbee device to an edge driver for a different model? Or do you have to get the original code for the edge driver and add the manufacturer fingerprint to it for the new device? (or ask the original author to do so)

I think the answer is “Yes, but…”

Fingerprints are used to assign the device profile. If the driver doesn’t in some way map that device to a device profile, I’m not sure that it’ll behave properly.

Edge drivers can also be set up with subdrivers, and those might be where the heavy lifting happens. If the device fingerprint isn’t attached to the subdrivers, it won’t use that code.

So I think it’ll vary based on how the driver is written.

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The device must pair initially with a driver via a fingerprint. There are a few SmartThings has created that have generic binding setup. After the initial pairing to an Edge driver, you are in theory able to swap them to another Edge driver you have installed. However, I haven’t tried this, so don’t know if the swapping part works.

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I used to have a xiaomi door sensor linked with a xiaomi dth. I was able to have press and hold with a door sensor.
I have modified that sensor , solder some wired inside so i can link a microswitch to it or any switch.
Im now have modified the fingerprint in the driver for a xiaomi button , but i was almost finish and the smartthings platform is now having issue , i will report back

Hi, @JDRoberts! It’s good to hear from you.

Are you referring to the cases where there was no compatible DTH (due to the fingerprints) for the device and it was paired as a “Thing” but you could edit the Device Type in the IDE to assign a DTH that works?

I will check with the engineering team to see what they can tell us about that behavior and if it will be possible with Edge.

Yes, that is exactly the situation. Thank you for looking into it.

As I mentioned, this is a very common workaround in the old architecture for a number of different Zigbee motion sensors which would work fine once they were changed in the IDE to use the smartsense DTH.

But it’s also a method that’s been used for some other devices, including some Z wave devices, such as adding the Quinto 5 button switch and then changing the DTH to be the zooz power strip.

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Its working , i have link a button driver to a door sensor.
But the driver did’nt work as the dth was .
Its not responding.
Now ive been able make work my aeotec garage door , aeotec micro switch , inovelli dimmer and switch by adding fingerprint to smartthings beta driver .

The engineering team mentioned Edge drivers don’t have similar functionality to add devices as “Thing” so we can change the driver for another one.
For now, the drivers must include a generic fingerprint to catch all those that might be compatible, however, there’s no specific documentation about them yet (that’s already reported), in the meantime, I included in this post a brief description of their properties.
Also, the drivers that appear in the list are based on the fingerprints included in their configuration. It would be necessary for the driver to include a generic one so it is electable.

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I read that as a long way to say “gee, we never thought of that use case”

Edge drivers are still in the Beta phase and the engineering team keeps working to improve this new feature.
Sorry if I wasn’t clear before, the team is aware of this kind of use case, the previous comment is a workaround.
We appreciate any feedback you all can provide.


well there are two cases

  • device fw follow specifications, and the “generic” driver will handle. There are ST Zigbee drivers that have motion cluster in the fingerprints.
  • there are vendor/device specific features. Anyway some features would not be working fully without a driver.

Luckily there are more and more devices built on new standard protocols. And Edge architecture is easy to learn,

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I’m John from Heltun support team.
It seems like you need to use Heltun Quinto with ST, I would like to inform you that the device handler is created for ST and it is already submitted to be published.

If you need the device handler sooner, please contact and we will be happy to help you !

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Thank you for your response. Always good to see manufacturer representatives in the forum. :sunglasses:

Is it a “device handler” written in Groovy?

Or an “Edge driver” written in Lua?

@JDRoberts It’s “device handler” written in Groovy

Any plans for creating an Edge driver? Groovy handlers are due to be discontinued very soon.

Announcement | SmartThings Edge for Devices and Automations

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I am having same problem with a Remotec ZXT-600 AC Remote. It keeps using Z-Wave Thermostat as device type and there is no way to change it to use Hub installed Edge Driver.

By “device type”, are you referring to the value that you see in the IDE (please, see the pic below)?

Do you mean you installed a driver through the CLI from scratch? Package, publish, install
Does that driver include the device’s correct fingerprint?

The Driver was installed using a link and was written by manufacturer. I cannot verify anything that it contains. I was informed today that they will be contacting SmartThings for Technical support.

Yes, the default device type assigned when added is Z-wave Thermostat. I am not sure if that is because it is the type l first chose when editing device while troubleshooting.

I have four of the Aeotoc garage door openers, so would very much appreciate to learn how you went about getting yours to work with an Edge driver.
Thanks very much.