[Edge] LinKind Drivers help needed

I just bought couple LinKind OpenClose Sensors and I was hoping to get them work with Edge Drivers. I started using this: GitHub - varzac/EdgeDrivers

Modified the fingerprint to this as able to add the driver and device did pick up the driver itself

  • id: “lk/ZB-DoorSensor-D0003”
    deviceLabel: LinKind Contact
    manufacturer: lk
    model: ZB-DoorSensor-D0003
    deviceProfileName: contact-battery

However, I do not see any sensor reporting. And hoping for some help.

This is the only information I could see in my log:
2021-12-02T02:10:51.932668118+00:00 INFO Xiaomi Sensors <ZigbeeDevice: b8d9a1f0-400c-4212-94d7-450ff433efba [0x58AF] (LinKind Contact)> received Zigbee message: < ZigbeeMessageRx || type: 0x02, < AddressHeader || src_addr: 0x58AF, src_endpoint: 0x00, dest_addr: 0x0000, dest_endpoint: 0x00, profile: 0x0000, cluster: OnOff >, lqi: 0xFF, rssi: -57, body_length: 0x0009, < ZDOMessageBody || < ZDOHeader || seqno: 0x09 >, GenericBody: FD FF 04 01 01 19 00 00 > >

Is that the only message you see in the logs?
It seems that is the binding request’s response, but there should be other messages for the configure reporting and read attribute (one is the request and one is the response, the last one indicates if the process was correct).
Does your device support only contactSensor and battery?
I suggest you check the driver for contact sensors released in the SmartThings repository as well:

I did not see anymore logs apart from health check…I waited for like 2hours or so and haven’t seen any different logs.

I later found this thread (did not find before starting this thread since there was space in the title): Linkind Door/Window Sensor Model: ZS1 10050078 - #15 by matthewsfamily0914

I got it to work finally using SmartSense DTH by adding this fingerprint:
fingerprint inClusters: “0000,0001,0003,0402,0500,0020,0B05,FC02”, outClusters: “0019”, manufacturer: “lk”, model: “ZB-DoorSensor-D0003”

From my point view, I do not mind closing this thread unless it is easy for someone to make an EdgeDriver. I have tried to learn how to write one but with my rare free time, I am finding it difficult to do it successfully.

Do you mean this DTH?

Did you try downloading the driver of Zigbee-contact to modify it by adding the fingerprint with the corresponding profile and see if that works?