[ST Edge] Issue while trying to change the device's driver

If the updated driver has been installed on the hub, it should appear.

If it does not show any or you want to see all the drivers, click on the search magnifying glass and all the drivers installed in the hub will appear, except the one paired with the device.

This is a problem to be solved.
As the device label does not match in the different drivers, no suggestion of a compatible driver appears.

  - id: "eWeLink/Motion 66666"
    deviceLabel: eWeLink Motion Sensor
    manufacturer: eWeLink
    model: 66666
    deviceProfileName: motion-battery
  - id: "eWeLink/66666"
    deviceLabel: Temp Humidity Sensor
    manufacturer: eWeLink
    model: 66666
    deviceProfileName: temp-humid-therm-battery

Then you have to give the magnifying glass to see all the drivers.
Create confusion.

Tool Driver Change should search for model and manufacturer and show the name of the Driver, not the device label

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Can you provide more context, please?
As I understand:

  • You have two drivers that support the same device.
  • When you try to change from driver 1 to driver 2, you cannot find it in the list because it doesn’t have the same device profile name
  • Which are the two drivers that appear in the first picture you shared? Which driver are you looking for in the second picture?

The prior picture was only for show the procedure.
The correct picture is in @troy_owens phone and must be as this, because tool search for device Label in yml profile files and nto found any equal.

When I have two drivers compatibles must show the drivers names, not the device Label found in yml profile file.

Tool must search for manufacturer and model in yml file profile

Ok, I think it’s clear now, I’ll try to replicate the issue.

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When I do a search, I get this. It does show driver names

Mmm this is weird, I have three drivers that are compatible with the multipurpose sensor. It is paired to one and the other two are shown in the driver’s list.
One of them has a different deviceLabel and deviceProfile assigned, so maybe this isn’t the root cause of this behavior

Is there another thing that differentiates the two drivers (Eg. profile config)?
Can you share the Github repo link of each driver, please?

This drivers list is show from hub, driver menu or from device detaills, driver Change menu?

I entered the device’s detail view > Driver > Select a different driver. Are you using a different menu?

If i go to device, and select Driver menu, it shows current driver

If I want to change driver, shws only the list with device name

So I need to guess and click on every single one until i find the right one. Other day when I was testing multiple drivers, I had 5 or 6 with exactly same device name.
By clicking on the search, I get list with all installed drivers like this, and this two are the ones listed with device name.

I have this 3 drivers currently that I am rotating as I am testing them

Another issue that I have to prove with screenshots, is when driver is selected from search list, it is not applied correctly. It shows chosen driver in driver menu, but device details is not rendering new driver’s capabilities. It shows old driver’s details page, no matter if I cleared cache and restarted the app.
It happened to me today once.
I’ll be ready and take screenshots next time

As for myself, after going into the update driver page a third time, the optional drivers did show up. Weird behavior for sure.

Yes, I use that menu.
It shows me the device labels instead of the driver names.

I press one and then it shows me the name of the driver, if it is not the one I am looking for, I go back and choose another.

So I always give the magnifying glass and it takes less time

This issue is already reported, I will add your new comments to it.

Why are those drivers different in capabilities, etc if they are for the same device?

Ok, I will make other tests to see if I can replicate the issue

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Currently I have 3 different drivers for Aqara’s Temperature Humidity Sensor

First one is @veonua’s driver that he created at the time of Beta Edge rollout. Driver works for basic functions. However icon that he uses is for Contact sensor, and capability Temperature Alarm that he uses is hardcoded - not setable by user. Usless feature if you don’t know what triggers that alarm. When I approached him in one of the threads, he stated that drivers were created as a proof of concept that they work, and he will not support them, or further changes.

Second one from @Mariano_Colmenarejo was created based on my request from like month or so, time ago, to create virtual thermostat device that can bring data from external temperature sensor, and to control other external devices like plugs, switches etc.
He came up with idea of using temperature sensor device itself, and to add thermostat capabilities to it.

First, he created basic temperature sensor driver that has all working capabilities, and it shows correct icon.

Second, he created anothe driver, based on his basic driver and added all Thermostat capabilities.
That way he turned temperature sensor into thermostat, which us what i asked for.

Now we have Virtual Thermostat device that can do all temperature Automations with Thermostat intelligence, without to many Automations.

That is why @Mariano_Colmenarejo has two drivers for the same device.

Also it’s very useful ehen you want to update driver, I would just swap drivers, delete old one, install new one, and swap them back. No lost Automations.

the icon is fixed now :slight_smile:
As for temperature alarms - almost every Aqara smart sensor has a temperature reading, but other sensors have poor precision, so it’s good only for extreme temperatures freezing <0* or overheating >50*.
I am using this alarm as a security measure and hope the hub will send a notification in case of emergency.

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@veonua it would be useful if Temperature Alert is settable, as I might want to get alert before freezing point 0°C (32°F), for example at 34°F. Someone else might want warning at -5°C.
Same for Heat. Users have different needs.

now it’s using hard values given by the manufacturer, to keep the sensor operable.
you can always create a pull request for user needs :wink:

Yes, that is how i have my alert now. Thanks for the update on the driver

Issue fixed