ECOWITT with Smartthings

Wondering is anyone has an ECOWITT and have it connected to smartthings. I have been looking at them for Weather and garden, mostly the garden like the ECOWITT WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor.
ECOWITT does not have IFTTT integration so that is out.
I will update either way if i end up buying and playing around to try and get it connected.

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Didn’t see anything when I did a search, but I know there are numerous members here with Bloomsky connected to ST.
Maybe check it out to see if it has the specific features you’re looking for in a weather station device.

@granzy I too am interested in ECOWITT integration. Please share if you find anything. Thanks!

@nuukem , I havent found anyway as of yet searching the web.
I have been also looking at Wireless Sensor Tag, Wireless Water/Moisture Sensor using the Smartapp from the old post below.

I found that ECOWITT GW1000 is compativle with WeeWX server, which in turn can be connected to SmartThings.

Here’s the SmartThings Smart App for the WeeWx integration.

I haven’t tried it yet, but looks promising!

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Thanks @nuukem, great find. I have a PI3 that I’m using for big talker 2 that it might be perfect for.
I will dig into this and report back on what I decide to do.

@granzy, please do let us know what you put together.

I’m going to look into setting something similar up. I’m trying to find a Wx station solution that’s compatible with both SmartThings and RTI. WeeWx might be the key for me.

So I have decided to go with the solution that @Alwas detailed out in Smartthings & Moisture Sensors
I have not received any of the equipment I ordered yet, but am planning to use @iharyadi sensor with the moisture sensor below and a Switchbot turning on and off an old in-line hose timer.

@granzy good choice, that’s a very reliable system. About the switchbot, it seems quite a precarious and delicate little object, and expensive with the extra hub required, and requires the cloud to work. Can you get 24v to your in-line hose control? Because I replaced mine with a regular 24v solenoid valve for garden irrigation, and use the first gen Fibaro relay to control it, all within Smartlighting so it runs local. With a virtual switch controlled by the Zigbee water sensor to control watering or not.

@Alwas I was looking at doing just that as I have an irrigation solenoid valve laying around.
The reason I wanted to try out the switchbot approach was two fold.

  1. I already have a Switchbot hub mini running my theater system.
  2. My water valve, where the switchbot will be located, is in inside the garage so it is protected. I defiantly would not put the switchbot outside.

What Fibaro are you using? This one?

No that one only does mains power, I use the older version, think it’s 212, that can switch 5,12 or 24v.

Has anyone tried this recently? I am getting some syntax error on run of WeeWx after adding the .PY and altering the CONF as noted…


I got it… was not grabbing the RAW .py… seems good to go