WeatherBug connect with SmartThings

I just stumbled across this in the recently updated WeatherBug app. It connects WeatherBug and smartthings to analyze your thermostat the settings and weather. It would be nice to see official announcement… (Hint hint)

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Thanks for the tip, that’s a cool integration! I like the cost estimations and showing how much you could save by adjusting the temp.

This does have me thinking again about how it would be nice to be able to have read only options for SmartApps.

Curious were would one find this application?

App Store if you are using iOS!

I tried to set this up but it wants a thermostat device. I don’t currently have a connected thermostat but do have several temperature and humidity sensors. Any chance we can at least let it use those?

I have a Honeywell wifi thermostat that I tried connecting through the Honeywell connect and also through the Smartthings connect. The Honeywell route “seemed” to work but isn’t showing any data, although it says it’s connected. When I tried to connect through Smartthings instead, I got a weird error. Is anyone else able to get this to work?

For the ST error I get a popup notification saying:

Failed to execute Platform.RegisterPlatform

EDIT: Never mind, I was able to connect through Honeywell again to get it to work. Still had issues with ST.

Nice find Thanks. Linked easily

I used ST with mine, and it worked no problem