Bloomsky cam no longer showing on wunderground

Hey everyone. I need some help. I set up my BS back when they were giving them away and had the cam set up on wunderground. We recently moved into a new house so I went to WU to make sure it was reflecting the new information and notice it doesn’t show a web cam. Can someone give me instruction on how to get it added again? I tried from memory but can’t remember how it’s done.

Bump. Anyone able to help?

This is not a function of SmartThings, so you may not get the answers you are looking for here. Please take a look at this though:

Thanks. Not able to load it here at work. Will take a look this evening.

I figured out the issue. Since I have moved WU requires you register the device as a new station. Ive got that done and got everything associated with it however its telling me I need to go to the weather station software and enter in my ID and station key. Where do I do this in the software?