Everspring Flood Sensor (ST812)

So…I recently got my SmartThings hub and wanted to add an Everspring Flood sensor to my network. I want this to live behind the refrigerator and let me know if the water line misbehaves (like it did in the recent past). I was able to get SmartThings to see the sensor just fine using Everspring’s instructions…but SmartThings sees it as a “SmartSense Moisture”. That’s fine…I suppose except that it doesn’t appear to be getting any notifications of moisture…I see the device listed in SmartThings, but none of my tests show any change in status, but the sensor is providing the visual (light) and audio notifications like it should.

Here’s the Device:

Here’s the Manual:

Has anyone else used this particular device? I assumed that all Z-wave sensors were compatible with SmartThings…maybe I’m just missing a step. Thoughts?

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Well…duh, I just looked at the SmartThings compatible devices and saw that the one I purchased is marked as having an ETA (I’m assuming this means Estimated Time of Compatibility) of “Soon”. Anyone from SmartThings reading this and can comment on when this device might function with the Hub as expected?

Bump! Anyone at SmartThings have any info here? I could really use an ETA on whether or not this device is going to be compatible with the SmartThings Hub. How soon is “soon”?

I’d email them at support@smartthings.com Although they do occasionally step into the forums they don’t monitor it daily. This is primarily a community site.

I had some minor basement flooding yesterday, so while at Lowe’s today I picked up a “Utilitech” Z-wave flood sensor for $30. I think it’s just a rebranded Everspring:


It shows up on SmartThings as an Everspring flood sensor. In the app it doesn’t seem to work great (there’s a “Configure” button that does nothing, and a Battery tile that also doesn’t appear to do anything), but it does show the status. And I was able to set up a Notify Me When SmartApp to send me push notifications and texts when it came into contact with water.

If this one holds up well, I’ll likely get one or two more. $30 isn’t super cheap, but not bad if it reliably lets me know when I need to worry about water in the basement.

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I got one of these and can’t get it to send events. It pairs as the Everspring Sensor and immediately shows an inactive status with Dry. When I introduce water it will beep but the smartthing console does not show an event.
Then I changed it to a Z-Wave Water Sensor with the same results.
Do all yours still work?
I’m having a bad day trying to get this and the lowe’s first alert Smoke alarm to work…No Luck.

Disregard…After a few hours I was able to get it work beautifully as the everspring device. Also, my first alert smoke paired correctly.
I think the smartthings cloud could have been having some issues. I’ve had times like this where I working on an app or device and pulling my hair out only to find out later the cloud had some delays or issues.

Just got an 2 Everspring Flood Sensors. After mounting it I tested to make sure it worked and still could connect to Z-Wave hub. I tested it by licking my fingers then placing the probe on my finger. It alerted and I cancelled it. But it still shows as wet even though it’s clearly not. It’s been 15 hours and still shows wet.

I know it is a two year old thread. However, I habe got the EXACT same problem: still showing “wet” after two days following a wet-finger-test. Can anyone provide help ?