MONOPRICE DEALS **** Post deals here

MONOPRICE DEALS **** Post deals here

any reason why we are splitting up the deals? Personally I prefer each product/deal get its own thread.


I second this. Per item threads make way more sense for a couple of reasons.

  1. you can see if it’s worth clicking in based on what the item is, instead of having to read every reply of every thread to see if there’s an item you’re interested in

  2. you can discuss the item without cluttering up the per store threads with comments about multiple separate items all intertwined


Not a big fan of these vendor specific threads. If I want a product I want a good deal regardless of where I can buy it from. Having to go into a specific thread to look for a deal is too time-consuming. Deals and replies will all be mixed together and become impossible to find relevant information. I will for sure come here less often if everything is all grouped into individual threads like this.

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I agree. @tommyincville there doesn’t seem to be much community interest in creating new topics just for a specific retailer’s website.

The fact that the community has said since his first one that it has no want nor need for his store specific threads doesn’t seem to defer @tommyincville from starting them for his own amusement.
Simplest solution I can think of is to just ignore all threads started by him.


I think you should that

This deal applies sitewide across Monoprice smart home products (Z-Wave and Zigbee).

RBoy Apps is the official SmartThings partner for Monoprice. We’ve worked with Monoprice to create this deal for the SmartThings community:

15% of all Monoprice products with RBoy Apps Device Handlers

  1. Click here to visit the Monoprice website
  2. Use the code RBOY at checkout
  3. Monoprice offers FREE standard shipping in the US.

You can find a list of all eligible Monoprice products on the RBoy Apps website ( in the Device Handlers page.

We will be adding more products to this list in the coming months.



Labor Day Sale Alert:

Fabulous deal from Monoprice, about 17% off select Z-Wave products + 15% discount from Rboy Apps (promo code RBOY) = STEAL!!

$18 -> Z-Wave Recessed Door/Windows Sensor and Mounted Sensor
$21 -> Z-Wave Switch with USB ports
$25 -> Z-Wave 4 in 1 Motion/Temp/Humidity/Light Sensor

RBoy Apps and Monoprice bring you a Presidents Day deal for your SmartHome. Get 15% off on all RBoy Apps certified devices. Use code RBOYPRES (offer expires Feb 25th or while stocks last)

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Thanks, was just looking for another pocket socket!

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Perfect. Had three recessed sensors in my cart for a week. Time to hit order.



20% off sitewide today with promo code FEB27