Deleted rule still triggers, lights turn on

Hi there!

I have a Philio 3 in 1 motion sensor and a Philio Dual relay. I was experimenting with an automation to turn on the light when the sensor detects motion. I was not satisfied with the result so I deleted the automation.

The light still turns on! I double-checked all the visible automations, disconnected all smart apps except “Super LAN Connect”, but the light still turns on on its own.

I checked the event logs for the devices in the ST IDE, I see that a COMMAND was issued to the switch with the text: “on command was sent to Entrance Light”, but no other useful information is there to help me debug this situation.

Does anyone have an idea how to find out why is my light still turning on?

Have you checked the history menu in the new app to see if it names the automation at the time it runs?

@prjct92eh2 Thanks for the tip!

Yes, it does show up in the history, the title is “Entrance Auto Light”, which was the name of the automation I deleted if I remember correctly. (I attach a screenshot of my automations too to somewhat prove that it is really missing). Do you know about a way to like remove that rule properly? The only way I could think of is literally unpowering the motion sensor.

Others have also experienced this phenomenon. I believe the only advice at the moment is to remove the trigger device used in the automation from ST and add it back. :frowning:

I thought I read one post where support was finally able to fix this if you report it.

Though, if the device only affects a rule or 2, excluding and re-adding the device would definitely be the fastest way to fix it if it’s a ZWave device.

When it happened to me I deleted the ZWave device as level one support couldn’t help and I didn’t want to wait for it to be escalated.

Funny, I cannot image how you could delete 5 o’clock. :wink: Or you meant triggered device.

Anyhow this shouldn’t happen and support should be contacted. @Brad_ST might read this topic an takes a note that ghost Automations are back again.

OP stated in first post when a motion sensor was triggered a Light was being turned on. So in this case, the OP should remove the trigger (motion sensor).

But your point is correct for those using time as the trigger.

I’m having the same issue! Automations I disable are still being triggered. Has anyone reported this bug?

Have you? The more reports they get the more priority it may receive.

Thanks guys, I contacted support, let’s see what they have to say. I am not removing he trigger device yet, hoping that my case can provide some useful debug info for the devs.

Good point, I have now!

I’ll keep updating with what I hear back.

So I actually haven’t heard anything at all, however my issue seems to be resolved…

Same for me, I did not get a response but the light, fortunately, stopped turning on by itself. Gosh, it was spooky.