Bulb automation auto switching off broken? (April 2020)

Hi Guys,

Today just started to have trouble with my bulb automation not auto switching off , has the new app been updated and broke something, Can’t find any other reason

Interesting and timely post. I have an automation that turns off a light 1 minute after turning on w/motion, and it’s been bullet proof until today. I had to create another automation to turn it off after no motion was detected. I don’t have time to dig into this right now, nor the days it will take ST support to respond to my question with “just reset your hub” replies.

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Yes sound like mine exactly, not had any problems till today. got 3 automation that are now not auto switching off.

I use the new app on IPhone , Did something get updated ?

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It’s always hard to tell with ST since they can change things on the back end, and sometimes things break for no reason. I’m on Android, and use the new app as well. If this continues I’ll revert back to Classic and/or the Smart Lighting app.


Mine is doing the same. It started yesterday. 2 different motion detectors turn on bulbs supposed to turn off after 5 minutes. Both will turn on with motion but they are not turning off after 5 minutes. So it is doing part of the automation turning on with motion but the rest of the automation is broken by not turning the bulbs off. Quite annoying.

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Yes it is.
All we can do is create another automation to turn the light off after a time of no motion and hope they fix it or we are going to have a s**t load of automations in the list

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So in the new app the automation’s is the broken part. If you install the old Smart Lighting app (in the new samsung smarttings) you can put your motion automation’s back into smart lighting and they turn off correctly. I don’t understand why Samsung can’t get their stuff together and get their new app with features working correctly.

The only downside of the smart lighting part is there is no disable you have to delete the automation’s if smartthings gets their native one working again.


Same problem here. I’m an engineer and the tedium and complexity in using these products is unbelievable, and they’re too fragile, they just let s–t break and tell people to reinstall the app. I would never trust ST with something truly important. I only do things that are conveniences around the house.

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