Automation stopped working

Ok, so I have numerous automations as I’m sure most do.
This morning one has stopped working but the rest carry on.
I have a motion sensor downstairs. If mode is set to bedtime and that MS sees motion it should turn on a couple of lights. It doesn’t any more.
The upstairs using a different MS still works as does a few others around the house but not this one.
The MS is seeing motion and that is logged as per the image attached but it doesn’t trigger the lights on. I deleted the automation and set it up again but still no joy. I can’t work out why this one would just stop? Any thoughts?

I note that the automation in the image is set to turn OFF lights five minutes after the motion stops. It doesn’t say anything about turning it on.

Sorry, there is another that turns it on with motion, I screen shotted the turn off task.

Are you using smart lighting or automation for these rules?
Have you checked if the restriction conditions (you mentioned bedtime mode) are preventing execution?

Its Smart Lighting - Sorry just called it an automation.
It had been working for over a year with out any issues, just suddenly stopped? I haven’t added anything or changed anything, just came down in the morning and coudln’t see lol

So the Bed Time mode was set correctly? And the lights can be turned on manually from the app so are working OK?

Smart Lighting automations often don’t log in the mobile app. Might be worth going to, opening up the device pages for the lights, choosing to ‘list events’ and selecting to see ‘all’. That should reveal any events that are hiding and tell you if commands were sent.

I have had an automation in smart lighting that’s been acting flaky too. I mirror anothet light in my kitchen. It’s been acting up for a few days now. When it doesn’t work it consistently doesn’t work. The automation fails but I can turn on the light if I tell Google to turn it on. The next day, it will work fine. This automation has also been in operation for almost 2 years without issue. I think ST is making changes getting ready for the switch away from Groovy. I’ve seen other glitches too. Kind of just sitting back waiting for everything to “play out.”

thanks for you help. Ok looking at it is even more confusing. So the lights didn’t come on again so i turned them on manually only for them to turn off a couple minutes later. You can see in the image attached the delay after motion stops is one minute but should be 4 minutes. I have this issue with other lights as well, It thinks motion stops and turns off almost straight away, but thats another issue.
So looking at these logs i cannot see it trying to run the task. I may delete all and start over, i have some in the old ST and some in the new ST so it wouldnt hurt and there may be something conflicting? But ive not changed anything, thats what is so weird. Had i pf changed anything i would assume i had made an error.

That looks like the event listing for the location. If you choose My Devices from the top menu (or just Devices in hamburger menus or on smaller windows) you should end up on a URL ending /device/list containing a table of devices. If you click on Pew LED on that list you should end up a URL ending /device/show/<UUID>/device and near the bottom of the table of that page is List Events. Clicking on that takes you to a URL ending /device/<UUID>/events.

That page will show a list of events but probably only the ‘displayed’ ones, which are the ones you see in the activity logs in the mobile apps. You’ll see DEVICE entries and the odd APP_COMMAND from less shy SmartApps. The table has a title above it saying Pew LED (Device) Events - displayed | all | from device and if you click on all you get more info in the table, which includes COMMAND lines and APP_COMMANDS from SmartApps whose developers chose not to have the events displayed.

An example sequence might be an APP_COMMAND with value ‘on’ with the description ‘Turn on Kitchen LEDs sent on command to Pew LED’. Then you’d see a COMMAND with value ‘on’ saying ‘on command was sent to Pew LED’ and finally DEVICE with name ‘switch’ and value ‘on’ saying ‘Pew LED is on’.

Hi, ok attached is a few days ago when it seems to have been working and then this morning where it gets no commands at all but you can also see that the sensor is seeing me…

I’m really struggling with this. Not only are the lights not being turned on, but they don’t seem to be turned off when they should be, either.

Maybe if you can have a browser open on the IDE ‘Live Logging’ page when things are meant to be happening it might be even more confusing in some way enlightening. It can be overwhelming though.

Ok, happy to take a look at that. The sensor is low on battery so I will change this, but I can see it is sensing me so dont think it will make any difference. What I will do though is set up some tests to see if the Sensor will trigger anything else at any other times.
Thanks for all your help so far.

It was a dying battery! So even though it shows as having 30%, it would sometimes drop to 1% - However it showed motion correctly so didn’t think it was an issue. I have since replaced the Sensor battery and all is working fine again!
Thank you for your help.