Need Help with Open/Close and Motion Off Automation

Hello All. I need some help with an automation setting. I am using the Smart Lighting app to turn on some lights when a door is opened (door contact). In this same area, I have another Smart Lighting rule that turns on the same lights if motion is detected. Last, I have a routine that turns off the lights after a period of time if motion isn’t detected.
The problem I occasionally come across is that sometimes the door is opened, and the lights turn on, but the person doesn’t walk far enough into the room for the motion detector to pickup motion. When this happens, I have noticed that the lights will stay on and never turn off. It seems like the routine that turns off the lights when motion is off for a period of time will not re-apply the routine unless motion is detected. I tried changing the Smart Lighting rule that turns on the lights when the door is opened to also include the option to turn off the lights after xx minutes, but the problem with that is that if someone walks into the room and motion is detected after the door is opened, the lights will still turn off while the person is in the room. So, if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate the pointers.

Try using CoRE or reinitializing the SmartLighting rules. I’ve seen issues with SmartLighting not taking action when motion is detected also. My answer was to reinitialize the rules (open the App and click Done) and that seemed to fix it. Alternatively you can try using CoRE and creating your own rules which is more flexible.

I’ll try that. Thanks.

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