Automation Issue after deletion

I have an issue with an automation that is running every morning. I have deleted the automation, however it is still running for some of my devices. The automation is called “Every day Sunrise”. I have tried to create a new automation called “Every day Sunrise” and delete it, however that didn’t seem to work. I have also tried to view the automation from a different phone, but it doesn’t exist on that phone either. Does anyone know of a way I can delete an automation outside of the app? Has anyone else had this issue?

By any chance was the original automation created in the classic app? And are you now using the new V3 app?

I’m using the new app v 1.7.42-22. I’m not sure where you would create “Automations” in the classic app. This automation was created in the new app.

Where are automations stored?

Automation is just the SmartThings name for rules. In the classic app, the rules you set up in the official smart lighting feature, smart home monitor, and routines are all considered automations.

Most are stored in the cloud, a few are stored in the hub.

When you created the original, was it part of Smart home monitor?

Did you create the Automation with the new automation creator or smart lighting? If it was in smart lighting you may find the offending automation in the IDE. If it was in the new automation creator, good luck. I had one that I created with the new automation creator that didn’t delete, just like you. Level 1 support wasn’t able to help. I ended up excluding the zwave devices I used in the missing automation and re-added them. Effectively orphaning the missing automation. It was easier for me to do it this way rather than wait for my issue to be escalated.

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The app was created with the new “automations” engine.

I was afraid that was the case.

There is nowhere that YOU can see these automations if they don’t show up in the app itself. When I had the problem, level one support was only able to see what was in the IDE. The same things we can see ourselves. They were of no assistance and I couldn’t wait for them to escalate the issue for me.

You can contact support and see what they can do if you can wait for them to escalate to get you a resolution.

If they are Zwave devices in the automation you can exclude the devices and re-add them back. This will orphan the automation and it won’t bother you anymore. If the devices are used in many other places in Smartthings or are tough to reset and pair, this could pose additional difficulties.

If they are zigbee I’m not entirely sure what will happen if you delete them from Smartthings and reset and re-add them. I’m not sure if they will retain the same network identifiers. I’m sure @JDRoberts can answer that question though. You also have the same issue of If the devices are used in many other places in Smartthings or are tough to reset and pair this could pose additional difficulties.

I have seen a few other people with this problem but don’t recall seeing what the resolution ended up being.

Hi @hreed1985! so when you refer to the new Automations creator do you mean the Rules API, if so, I strongly recommend you to check the Rules Manager, you’ll be able to delete them from here

Hey @giskeimel I am talking about the Automation creator in the “new” Smartthings app. Even though I have deleted this automation, it still is trying to run for some of my devices.

I have also been working with support. They have stated that they were able to remove the automation. I will keep everyone updated.

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Did it require the request to be escalated or did the first tier of support get this done?

I have the same issue now. How to resolve?