Deleted automation still works

Hello! Recently I faced with some strange behavior of my devices. Started to troubleshoot it and found in logs that some automations, I already removed from the app, are still works (e.g. change location mode and change my TRV temperature).

Is there are any possibility to find a full list of active automations and fine tune them, beside smartphone application? Thank you a lot!

Anybody? Please advice :confused:

I experienced the same thing with a couple automations I created (and subsequently changed) with the “custom automation creator” in the V3 app. Based on other posts, a few others have experienced this problem too.

I could not find a way to see these automations in the app or the IDE and tier 1 support was also unable to see them.

I ended up excluding the device (a Z-Wave device) that triggered the automation and then re-added the device. This effectively “orphaned” the offending automation so that it wouldn’t execute anymore.

Not the cleanest way to fix the problem but it was the only thing I could think of to solve it.

Thank you for the reply!

I think my problem is deeper - one of deleted automation was changing the mode of my home. Despite it is deleted the mode is still changing! So it is not related directly to device.

That’s a real bummer. I’m assuming the mode change is triggered by time and not a device?

I would Log a call to support and then ask them to escalate. Tier one support can only see what’s in the IDE and aren’t allowed to make changes to anything in the IDE anyway. At least that’s what I was told when I called in with this problem.

Good luck!

Thank you for the answer. Looks like no any separate interface to edit automatizations created in app on the code level :confused:

Well, I decided to create a new “mode” and reassign automations to it. Then just removed the old one. Even if “ghost” automation will keep firing up, it will not change anything anymore.

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I have the same problem, however you cannot remove a default mode (in my case night) so that solution will not work for me

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Sorry, I haven’t heard anything about this. Definitely contact support.

With the help of your support ticket I escalated the issue and it should be resolved.


It is resolved. Thank you.

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