Ghost automation triggers lights


I have the following issue. Whenever the home monitoring status changes to Away (which sets the motion sensors to monitor + trigger notification in case of movement) one of my motion sensors (Ikea), located in my kids bedroom reports a false positive motion (which I believe is made by the leds of an range extender) which triggers all lights in the house to turn on.

The issue is that there is no automation with this setup. I had indeed, around 2 years ago this type of automation, but it was deleted a long time ago.

Tried multiple times to remove and add the device, under different name/rooms, but somehow it’s still triggers the automation.
Tried to redo the (deleted) automation I had before, and remove the device > same behavior.
Tried to delete the newly created automation completely > same behavior.

Any ideas on how to completely remove it as it seems that there is a ghost automation still active somewhere?

Thank you.

Any chance it is a response that you set up in STHM? If motion detected under security… turn on the lights. Open STHM, click on the cog and open security and response.

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Absolutely correct. Somehow I forgot to check there. Thank you!