CT101 Z-Wave Thermostat no longer working for routines (Nov 2022)

I have been using CT101 Z-Wave Thermostat for several years without any problems. This years I have had problems with communication and now I can’t get any of my routines to work. They act like they are working but the temperature never changes and the event logs never show the activity.

Are others having issues with their CT100/101 thermostats? Is this due to the groovy changes Samsung did?

I am trying to figure out if I am going to need a new thermostat to work with Smartthings. That is usually a problem because my furnace does not have a C wire.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome. (FYI, already tried the rests and exclude options without any success.)

I am not having issues. I have two of these thermostats. Using ST v3 hub.

Probably not. Groovy is going away at the end of the year, so devices should still be working OK.

I suggest that you check if your thermostat device is still on a DTH (device type handler) or already on an edge driver, and switch to edge if you can. You can tell by hitting the tree dots in the upper right of the device in the app. If Driver is a menu choice, the driver is now edge. If not, still old DTH.

Thanks @BartschLabs for the reply. The device is still using a DTH. Is there anyway to force it to use a new driver? I am surprised it is not working with the DTH since it has worked great for about 3-4 years and then failed this heating season. I tried toggling the DTN by editing the device, switching it to draft clicking update. Then doing the same and switching it to published but I am still having the same issues.

I am open to any suggestions. Thanks

If there is an edge driver for it, you’ll have to remove the device from SmartThings (which will probably delete your routines, BTW), and rediscover it, for the edge driver to be applied.

I found some information online and tried to update the hub with the 2gig CT100 driver but unfortunately it didn’t recognize the device even though the CT101 and CT100 should use the same drivers.

hmmm I am using a ST v2 hub and it doesn’t like the device handlers I had been using for several years. It started giving a network error any time I tried to change the temperature.

Are you saying that you installed a custom edge driver for the CT100, or is the CT100 supposed to be supported in an official SmartThings driver?

I installed one of the beta drivers from the following link for the 2gig CT100:

Unfortunately, uninstalling the device and trying to add fails with the driver. I couldn’t find any others for the CT100 or the CT101.

I’ve been using a CT-101 for 5 or 6 years now, and twice I’ve had it stop responding to SmartThings, similar to what you’re describing. Both times I followed R-Boy’s quick fix and it solved my issue in no time.

I don’t know if it’s exactly the same issue you’re having, but I hope it helps!


@kajoyce has a 2gig CT101 z-wave thermostat that is not being discovered by the z-wave thermostat edge driver. @kajoyce says it is almost identical to the CT100 thermostat, which is supported by the z-wave thermostat edge driver. What would be needed to add support for the CT101?