[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat Device Handler - Honeywell, GoControl, CT, Linear, Trane, MCO, Remotec

Has anyone reported issues using this device handler with a CT-100 thermostat and trying to utilize Auto mode?

Auto mode will trigger cooling when coolingSetpoint < device.temperature, but will not trigger heating when heatingSetpoint > device.temperature.

I’ve poured over the code for a good amount of time and cannot find any reason this should not work. Auto mode works if I use the factory Z-Wave Thermostat template and make the changes found at the beginning of this thread.

Additionally, the icons for the battery and humidity tile are not showing. Not sure what to make of this either.

Forgive me if these questions have been answered. I fell asleep reading through this thread last night :slight_smile:

It’s a bug with the thermostat firmware. Try this. On the thermostat cycle
through the modes until you’re in Auto again and it’ll start working.

This happens sometimes when the mode is manually changed through ST and
then brought back to Auto. It will eventually start working but take time
to kick in a quick fix is what I mentioned above.

Power cycling is certainly a troubleshooting step when devices are having difficulty connecting and Support should be encouraging that.

I do want to clarify that powering off the Hub for 30 minutes and then rebooting is a bit lengthy. 10 minutes should be ample though longer is certainly not harmful, just unnecessary.

I downloaded the latest version of this and installed it. It appears to be working, but I occasionally get a crash manager message that comes up as a red banner at the top of my mobile app. Sometimes the app closes by itself. If I wait, the banner goes away and everything still seems to be working.

I do have your individual change thermostat app running, as well as the low battery monitor and the lock multiuser code management apps.

I have 3 CT101 thermostats. First time I saw the crash I had only changed one thermostat device driver, left the other 2 on the default. I now have all three thermostats on your driver.

Any thoughts, or is this maybe one of those ‘don’t worry about it if it goes away’ things.


That’s a bug with the ST app. Please report it to ST support. It should never crash. These are just tiles and values. What phone do you have?

So for folks who are facing and issue with the thermostats stop communicating randomly with the ST hub (due to the buggy firmware please report it to ST support first), we found a quick fix for it.

Till now you had two options, you can try the 10 minute cold reboot or exclude and re pair the thermostat.

But here is a easy way to reset it without losing your settings or starting over.
Open the thermostat top cover and there is a reset button. Press it for 15 seconds. Now open the ST app and click on the refresh tile to resync all the settings. Done!

I was running off my Ipad. IOS 9.3.5. Latest software

New here… Just got CT-80 with ZWave (seems to be the older model, with rounded sides).
I have few questions and hope someone can help me.

For the device :

  • It seems does not allow for Auto Changeover(Heat/Cold) when connected with ZWave. Is this expected?
  • It does not support any Programs On the Device. They are disabled. Everything must be through the hub (kind of bummer… why they sell “programmable T-stat”)
  • Any way to keep the backlight always ON

Questions on the Device Handlers:

  • I can change T / Fan modes / ON OFF. All good here
  • However my battery reports Always = 0% (Note this unit has a small battery , watch size. these are not AA)
  • My humidity sensors do not report any data. Does not refresh at all
  • The Configure button, does not work at all

I tested: (1) standard Z-Wave T-stat device ; (2) Did all the mods from RBoy above on battery and Humidity over it ; (3) Tested the standard CT-100 handler; (4) tested the device from Motley (SmartThingsPublic / devicetypes / motley74 / ct100-thermostat-custom.src / ct100-thermostat-custom.groovy)

All of the above behave the same.

Anything I am doing wrong? Any help?
appreciate it.


Would it be possible to add a button for turning off the heater to this device handler.
(If it is possible with current device handler, I couldn’t find how, please tell me…)

Also, would it be possible to make the icons tiny as in this thermostat :slight_smile:

And, I couldn’t figure out how to use the sliders. If I change the temp. from slider, it returns to previous temp in a few seconds.


I’m using the full server version (02.05.02) of your Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat and it’s working very well with my 2Gig CT100 thermostat. I have a question. I’ve noticed that “Emergency Heat” sometimes shows up in the ST ‘recently’ thermostat log when a new heat set point has been sent to the thermostat. I have no heat pump, and according to my furnace documentation, I have a single stage Hiel gas furnace . So, I’m unsure what that log entry means in general or what it specifically means for my particular furnace. I thought it had something to do with a multi-stage furnace or a heat pump - and I have neither of them.

Any insights would be helpful.


Hmm interesting. I’ve never seen that. Maybe it’s cycling through modes and that’s shows up on the modes being checked against the thermostat capabilities. I’m assuming it never stays in that mode.

This is from this morning:

Just before this screen (time-wise) at 05:55, my CoRE piston upped the heating set point to 70 from 67 overnight. It was actually at 66.5 when the set point change was sent because I have it set to allow a 1 degree swing. It looks like it was in emergency heat mode for about 2 minutes.

BTW, when I manually cycle through the modes on the DTH, “Emergency Heat” never shows up.

You sure CoRE isn’t changing/forcing modes? If it’s just setting the temperature then this is what the thermostat is reporting back to the hub. Don’t know why it would do that.

Yup. I’m sure. My CoRE piston is only sending changing set points based on time schedule and virtual switch criteria:

Does this DH support the Go Control Z-Wave (GC-TBZ48) thermostat?

Yes it should work fine. If you have the signature for this model, please PM it to me (My Devices -> your thermostat -> Raw Description) , will include it in the DH.

I have a CT-101, and have also noticed that it gets set to “emergencyHeat” from time to time. Like @lflorack, I only have a single stage heating / cooling, so the only modes that should be applicable are heat, cool, and off.

Also, I’ve noticed that the mode reported in ST is sometimes out of sync with the mode the thermostat is actually in, and once that happens I cannot successfully change the mode from ST. If I physically go over to the thermostat and cycle through the modes with its mode button, ST will sync back up correctly and then I can control it remotely again.

That’s a bug with the ST firmware hub but they appear to be refusing to acknowledging it. See the posts above. Report it to ST support so they can investigate it. I don’t have much hopes at this point as they refuse to support the community and will likely blame the app even though the part controlling the mode is identical to the base ST thermostat code.

Anyways the local fix is given here the long term fix will however be for ST to fix their firmware. This issue started after the Oct firmware update.

Darn, I noticed it recently also that communication just stops or we get less updates from the thermostat. Luckily I knew about the reset button and have just been hitting that but it happens often enough that its really annoying now. Especially when I want to change the temperature in the middle of the night and it doesn’t work. I was hoping it was a problem with the device handler and was going to give yours a shot but looks like its a firmware issue, it worked perfectly fine till the last few months :frowning:

Please report it to ST support so they can diagnose it and isolate the problem. @Aaron FYI please