Radio Thermostat CT101 - can't adjust temperature after recent update to ST

I have been using ST hub v2 with my CT101 for multiple years. With some update on the ST hub, I can no longer adjust the temperature from the app. It tells me that there was a network issue and try again later. I can however add a routine to accomplish the desired temperature and that works. Wondering if anyone has found a solution to this issue? Hopefully Samsung will fix the issue soon. In the beginning I had to use a hack to get the CT101 paired and then about a year later Samsung added proper support … so perhaps in the next few months it might be fixed unless users have found another short term solution ?

Yesterday (Nov 30) I asked ST to adjust my CT101 thermostats to 22 deg (normally 21) because the house was feeling a bit cool, with the outside temperature at -18. Instead of setting to 22, it set the thermostats to 1 deg, so the furnace shut off. I soon noticed a problem, and manually set the thermostats to 22. I determined that the driver had been automatically replaced with the Z-wave thermostat Edge driver dated Nov 29. That driver is not working with my thermostats, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to revert to the old driver.

Having the same issue with my CT101 thermostats, unable to adjust temperature in the ST app and have been going crazy thinking it was a hardware or battery issue. Anyone able to figure out a workaround or solution yet?

I had the same issue with one of my CT100 thermostats, (the others were working fine), what I did was to simply select the correct thermostat driver in IDE.

Is anyone successfully using the Z-wave thermostat Edge driver on the CT101? Issues or?

I have 4 that are up and running. Not very dependable. Still having difficulties changing temperatures within ST. I have found that switching the thermostat mode from heat to auto, or vice-versa will often allow me to also change the temperature. Never had a problem before Edge. I have been using ST with my old Iris thermostats for years.

Not working for me, 4 dots spinning for ever then network error.