Creating a ST account not Samsung

Need a little help. I am trying to create another ST account for a new tablet I have and it is making me create a Samsung Account which will not link to my hub. How do I get this corrected?

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why would you need a new account? login with your existing one. as of may this year all new accounts are Samsung Accounts.


Do you not get the option for “Existing SmartThings User” on that tablet when launching ST?

I want to select what notifications the tablet is getting versus my other ones.

I do, but if I use the same account, all notices will go to all tablets. by creating a new account I can tell ST what notifications to give to the tablet.

Could you just Add a New User to your existing account and achieve those same results?

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I don’t think that in itself would work either. By default, push notifications in SmartThings go to ALL devices for all users.

In order to specify specific users to get a push notification, you would have to create users via Add New User, and then you have to setup the unsupported My Contacts

Ya I’m not sure how you would accomplish this. By adding the SmartThings Hub, it is registered to that email address. If you were to setup a brand new email account, I don’t see how you would be able to point to that existing Location/Hub. Unless it were to allow you to Register the Hub under that new email address along side it being registered to the primary account.

And even if you were to buy a 2nd hub to replicate it’s own environment, I don’t think you would be able to add devices to both.

Ever since I discovered this earlier this year, I’ve been able to customize all sorts of push and sms notifications. I like to get most notifications on my phone, my wife wants only critical alerts like intrusion or smoke/CO.

Although there seem to be a couple bugs associated with enabling the contact function, i think it works great, and i can’t even begin to understand why they created this feature and then hid it from users.


Because it had bugs. There is a post somewhere from an ST staff member who mentioned they were removing it. That’s why the only way to enable it is with the backdoor procedures I posted.

I am using my contacts and each tablet gets specific notifications, been doing it for almost a year.

I am just trying to create an additional user on my account, I have 4 already and all were created before the whole samsung account thing 6 months ago. Now trying to create a 5th account I am running into this issue.

And that is exactly how i got it and am using it. Works perfect for me. Now I just need to add another account, arrgh.

Lol that’s what I was saying in my first reply. Are you trying to make me go crazy?

Ok so I’m going to add a new user and send an invite to see if I can get it to work.

Lol now I understand what you are talking about. You receive the confirmation email and confirm but it doesn’t know that email kinda forcing you to create an account which would be linked to nothing. Going to test in backend. Will get back to u.

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The only “bug” I experienced was that any prior push notifications I had setup disappeared. But I knew from the forum thread that would happen and it didn’t take that long to set the notifications back up.

I vaguely remember reading something about country codes appearing to be wrong in the mobile app when creating an SMS contact, or something like that, but it didn’t actually affect the functionality (in the US at least).

That’s too bad they didn’t fix it instead. I can’t imagine the problems were insurmountable. But what do I know?

They never seemed to care that much about making the app a user-friendly experience for households with multiple people anyway.


I think there is an issue with the redirect url.

It uses that with the shard and the invite code. I even did some modifying of the url from na02 east01 to change to my actual shard and also graph.api and that’s invalid.

I even tried creating a brand new account with Samsung and then did the add user. Received invitation for new email address and clicked in accept invitation and then logged in with new account.

I think they have a link broken with the link now that the menu is separate out between SmartThings and Samsung. It’s going left when it should be going right.

Call support and let me know what and how they resolve with steps.

Oh ya quick question. So I have always just had one user (myself added).

Are you able to see the other four users you added in IDE under Locations or the Hub?

I’m curious if they show there if you have more than the primary user and if so, are the users clickable, and if they are, what does the url change to in there? ie: /users/

Ok, sorry for all the confusion. My boss was yapping my ear, lol. I already have a support ticket open, but figured I would post here while waiting.