Important Changes to SmartThings Classic Login System

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SmartThings Classic is updating to the Samsung Account login system! This is a step forward in our journey to prepare you for the new SmartThings app, which will bring you access to Samsung devices and services in addition to the hundreds of Works with SmartThings products you already use and love.

What to expect
When alerted in the SmartThings Classic app, please follow the prompts to update to a Samsung account. Note that this is being released in small groups to ensure the best possible experience, so not all users will see the update at the same time.

Once you have updated, please continue to use the SmartThings Classic app until you receive additional communications from us. We are actively working to add the SmartThings Classic features you love into the new SmartThings app. Going forward, you will use your Samsung Account to login to the SmartThings Classic app.

Want more information? Check out the step-by-step guide and FAQ to learn more!

The SmartThings Community Team

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According to the guide above:

Moving forward, use your Samsung account credentials (email address and password) to access SmartThings, both in the app and on the web. Your previous SmartThings account information will no longer work.

Does this refer to the developer/user accounts where one can install custom SmartApps and Device Handlers?

I have both a Samsung AND a SmartThings account. When I try to use my Samsung account to login to - I can no longer see any of my SmartApp and Device Handlers that were installed through my SmartThings accounts.

Is this a bug or by design? What happens to a users existing SmartApps etc that are connected to the SmartThings account?

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If you have custom SmartApps and Device Handlers on your SmartThings account, they should transfer to your Samsung account.

Let’s say I have webCoRE installed on my SmartThings account of and I migrate that account to my Samsung account of After migration, I should see webCoRE in the mobile app under Marketplace --> SmartApps --> My Apps and in the IDE under My SmartApps.

Additionally, if webCoRE was installed via my SmartThings account, I should also now see the installed version of the webCoRE SmartApp when signed in with the Samsung account.


If I had a Samsung account and deleted it previously (since I got tired of dealing with ST/Samsung dual login BS), am I going to run into problems re-creating a Samsung account using the previously deleted address?

Also, will both the “Classic” app, and ST IDE, DH’s, Apps function 100% exactly the same with no changes needed on my end?

EDIT: Also, how are shared users handled? Will they too need to create a new account and does that sync/align with when the master account is prompted? Or will this be a random chase for me to go solve for my “shared” users?

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I also wonder about a shared account. My wife has a different login on ST for the app on her phone. But it goes to the one account. Will she have to create a Samsung account to change to? And will it still share the one system?

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That’s a good question. How will that work?

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I hope that the new Smartthing login won’t force me to install Samsung Internet browser. I use the excellent MS Edge browser on my Android device and can’t use the Smartthing (ex connect) app as it doesn’t support my default browser (and I won’t change my default browser to Chrome each time I need to log into the app!)

Is the login integrated to the app or does it launch a web page that is not supporting Edge browser each time?
Any comment?


Can you guys add a Post Migration checklist of tasks to perform to the list of your docs? I posted to you guys in several of the other threads with the summary of items that had to be manually performed after the Account Migration Beta.

For any of those items that remain outstanding, it would be of value add for customers to be able to check those items and how to correct after they have successfully migrated over to their new account. Those tasks from my post earlier this morning:

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@Brad_ST how long will users be allowed to postpone their migration, once they get the banner? We are seeings users post that they want to delay as long as possible but would be good for them to know if there is a set time where they are no longer allowed to postpone. :slight_smile:

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I don’t believe there is currently a time limit. The goal is certainly to migrate all users and when there is a deadline to migrate, that should be communicated to anyone who has postponed.


@Brad_ST: Okay I got the banner and performed the update. Both my SmartThings account use the same email address. Nothing showed up after doing the update. So, I log out and back in and I get the banner again. I can’t seem to force it to use my Samsung account instead of my smartthings account. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

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Please reach out to our support team at



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I might as well add myself to confusion city
I have a Smartthings account as well as a samsung account, i also have a Samsung phone
Samsung classic auto signs me into my samsung account if i select new user from smartthings classic account login
However no smarttapps are yet available as they dont appear to have swapped over yet to the samsung account
Even though i already have a samsung account and can access it will i get a notification to migrate ?

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The information states “when alerted” do the steps. I think this is being done in phases and your new account will be empty just like mine until “alerted”. Everyone seems to be jumping the gun on this upgrade. IMHO :slight_smile:

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Appreciate that Daven, difference being i can already login to the Samsung account, i already use the Smartthings / Conect app as its pre installed on my phone and i can see my Smartapps in Smartthings/conect

However my IDE does not show my smartapps in the Samsung IDE and if i sign into Smartthings classic using my Samsung account my smartapps are not there ??

I am all about the wait IF indeed it actually happens but there is nothing worse than waiting and finding out weeks down the line it will never happen to my particular situation


ALL SmartThings accounts will be flagged for the migration at some point. You will have the option of using your existing Samsung account or you can use another email address that creates a different Samsung Account so that it doesn’t interfere with your existing Samsung account.

The only way you will end up with the migration banner is if you are logged into the SmartThings Classic app with your SmartThings account, period.

I know it was mentioned by Tim somewhere in the Account Migration Beta is that they feed a set of emails into the system and somehow that initiates your account to receive the Migration Banner Page.

I’m sure there are going to be some one off cases where people who already have an ST and Samsung Account and can already see everything, ST with Classic and Samsung with Connect.

The idea is for them to get rid of all the SmartThings accounts so that everyone only has a single Samsung account. How they will handle those one offs, I don’t know.

Bottom line is if you are using a SmartThings account to use SmartThings Classic today, you will at some point receive the banner and will either migrate to that existing Samsung account or create a new one. The fact that with your Samsung account being able to see all of the same stuff when you are in Connect, I would consider you a one off in a sense.

If you do receive the migration banner, prior to executing the migration, I would ask Support or an ST staff member with the following info: I have a SmartThings login that I use for Classic and I see everything I’m supposed to. I also have a Samsung account that when I’m logged into Samsung Connect (new app) I see the same or most of the same stuff that I do when logged into ST Classic with my ST account and ask “Should I migrate everything to this existing Samsung account and it will just merge over the top of everything that already exists in the account, or should I create a new Samsung account (different email) because of how my setup is already setup as”?

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Thats what i thought :rofl:
Joking asside cheers WD, i am sure im not the only one to have used pre installed Conect from day 1 and to have a Samsung account and a Smartthings account
I have never used the Samsung account for IDE additions and always added smartapps and extras to the Smartthings account
A while back i contacted support about not being able to see my live logs and after some confusion i was told it was because i wasent using my primary account which ( un known to me ) was the Samsung account which showed my live logs


I just chatted with Jamie from ST support. Seems that a new blank, default location was created during my account migration. He deleted the empty one and I logged back in…boom, everything magically reappeared. Took me less than 5 minutes including wait time for the chat. I am truly impressed that it worked and I didn’t have to rebuild everything from scratch. I gotta hand it to ST. I had VERY low expectations. I’ve never been happier to be proved wrong.


For everyone else this is what it referred to as the “Phantom Home Location” that got created for every single person who participated in the Account Migration Beta.

When opening the SmartThings Classic application after the migration, it defaults to using this new Home Location. All you have to do is goto the Dashboard, select the 3 horizontal bars, then select the Gear Icon and select the correct Location from the drop-down and everything will appear correctly again.

As for this Location being deleted from IDE, some people were able to do this themselves a couple of weeks later or at least rename it to something like Fake Location.

For some people that had Samsung appliances, those devices got added to the 2nd location. So I’m not advising that people delete this on their own, just making you all aware of this as a possible scenario.

@Brad_ST @vlad @slagle nobody has responded to the other 10 posts that I put in all the other threads within the last couple days about providing a Post Migration checklist for tasks that people are going to need to address and manually do after they migrate. I’m trying to be proactive here to prevent an overwhelming number of calls to support or screaming and yelling customers out here in the community when that list of items could easily be provided with a set of instructions as to what people need to do after they migrate. This is only one of the migration issues, unless you fixed all the other issues I listed in the summary of all my other posts addressed to you guys.

I don’t know what the number of customers is that you are migrating, but this 2nd Home Location is going to be added for each and every one of them.

Why doesn’t someone step forward and do the appropriate thing and cut this off before it goes beyond upsetting every single ST customer who migrates?

@Ryan780 you may want to check the additional items with your account to see that everything else is in place and then let us know what items you had to manually correct (notice #5 in my post :slight_smile:):