How Do I Add Additional Users To the App

I am new to the SmartThings setup and only recently added SmartThings to my home. Currently my smart phone is the only phone with the app installed. However I want to add the app to the other two phones in the home so that they can both control things as well as act as presence sensors. Not sure how to go about doing this.

On the iOS client, tap on the menu (The three vertical dots near the upper-right corner), “My Account”, “Manage Users”, “Add User”.

I imagine Android’s similar, but I don’t have a device to verify.

There may be issues doing this at the moment, however:

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Ahh thank you. Yeah I am getting the “This feature is coming soon”, message as well.

So I tried adding my wife to my account via “manage users” and sending her an invite. I went on her phone and downloaded the smartthings app and when i created an account with her email and logged in it asks me to select country or region and I pick USA. Then it asks me for the welcome code that came with my hub. I put that in and it just spins and spins. Also, it says the welcome code can only be used once at the bottom of the screen. Can someone please help

I am having the same issue. I must say as far as first impressions are concerned this product doesn’t look very good…


I was able to find a work around to this for now. If they have a smartphone that can install the app, you can connect the phone as a device. Its under Coming and Going. It doesn’t allow a separate user but at least you can connect a phone for now.

Hope that helps.

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Do you know if this is a known issue they are working on? It sounds like others are experiencing this as well. I also sent an email to support

Looking to bump this and see if others are experiencing the same

My previous post about a work around didnt work. Since you have to be logged into the same account to use the app it just thinks both phones are the same.

I believe adding additional users is coming in the near future from what I have been reading on the forums.

Interesting, I would have thought that would be a out of the box feature. Since it lets me add users mobile phones as presence sensors but they are unable to login and do anything because first it require recognition of a hub. Well I hope i hear back from ST support soon. I logged a ticket two days ago.

It was an out of the box feature for V1, and something has broken between then and now. I’ve had a ticket open for a couple weeks with no update.

i finally got an update and they said this is a top priority for the engineers but gave me no time table for when it will be fixed and did not let me know how they would notify me when it would be fixed, not cool!

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“We have top men working on it right now”



They really are of no help. It seems like this should be a VERY basic feature and almost renders the application/v2 hub unusable for a lot of things.

I know SmartThings is positioned as a “home” solution, maybe even an “open home solution”. In our profession, we provide cloud services to business. We’d be issuing a solid incident and problem escalation, reason for failure (RFO), and a communicating our plan to meet our service level agreements (SLA). About now, I’d be expecting escalation, communication, and eventually the CEO and board escalation and probably a personal call from the CEO convincing me of their plan.

No Expectations from ST

SmartThings is a “open home solution”, without a true SLA, I don’t expect good communication, especially for what I am paying for it which is really pennies. So I am probably getting more than what I am really paying for.

The problem is I believe in this platform. I would pay more (I did, I upgraded just because). This stuff is really cool. I want them to be the best! Better than anything else!

Learn to communicate more effectively

SmartThings needs to learn from this and manage expectations better. I know they are good people and have done some cool stuff. Selling us with the plan and communicating that plan is where they need some attention. Because honestly, if they explained the issue and I knew how hard they are working on things, I’d be there with them.

We (the community) are their referrals!


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Count me as another user who waited for version 2 of the hub expecting to be able to have multiple users. Just spent 30 minutes going back and forth trying to figure this out. Turns out it wasn’t me!

Got to have this kind of thing working at the outset, or at least communicate very quickly about when it will be fixed. I’m tempted to return my new hub as I’ve got limited investment in the ecosystem as of now.

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Hi all - I’m new to smart things and it is pretty poor to find out that you can’t currently add additional users for coming / going, this is essential in order to make my home alarm system work in the real world.

ST - please can you provide an update re when this will be released?

Thank you

I just sent an email to support as well. Same thing is happening to me when trying to add my wife to my account. She receives an email from ST instructing her to download the app and sign up using the same email address. She’s then prompted to enter the ‘welcome code’ which I’ve already used to register the hub to my account.

Pretty disappointed that this simple feature is currently not working as expected. Hope they will fix it ASAP.

Ok v1 hub users. As of now. The only way to keep multiple users is to add your V2 hub as another location to you old v1 hub account. You can’t add another user but you get to keep all the users from previous account. It’s a platform problem and hopefully they will get it fix soon.


I am on V2 and I can’t get past just entering the new user email address. Are you on V1 or 2?