My Contacts - is it back?

BTW. Did your Push Notifications get hosed? Mine did.

As per Wayne’s post (Thanks @a4refillpad and Tanya for the pointer :grin:). If anyone is struggling to enable Contacts outside the US (I believe the IDE method works for US people) this works a treat. I am in the UK and it worked great!

Android ONLY! (If you do not have an android phone use a friends if possible)

Uninstall your current version of SmartThings.
Search for, download and install version 2.1.1 of SmartThings.
Login to the app, come out, kill the app in the background.
Enable ‘Flight Mode’.
Go back into SmartThings.
Go to the Hamburger Icon > My Contacts.
Disable ‘Flight Mode’.
Add yourself with your ST login email and phone number (for SMS Notifications), save. If you add a phone number and select it in any app you will then receive SMS messages also.
Update your ST app to the latest version again.

My Contacts / Contact Book will then be enabled across all your devices android / iOS.

Remember you will have to go into any apps that use Contacts (as well as standard ST apps) to enable Push Notifications for yourself again. Well I believe this is the case, not sure if you will still get them if you do not add yourself to individual apps as I just went in and changed them all lol.

I have tested it briefly and even apps that do not use Contacts are pushing notifications OK however I do believe there may be issues with using Contacts and Hub Offline notifications etc. but time will tell of course so just be wary of potential drawbacks.

Mine too, but since it came up in this thread I was expecting it.

Why did they release then hide this feature?

I have tried the URL replacement technique over 20 times and still get an access denied error.

i am using iOS and would really like to enable this.

Anyone else on the account migration beta have their “my contacts” get messed up? I no longer receive notifications.

Perform this in IDE

  1. Go-to Locations
  2. Select your location
  3. Click in your account (highlighted email address)
  4. Go up to the URl and replace account/show with contact

Leave the trailing part of the url alone or it won’t work.


Change from this: of letters and numbersdidjdjd

To this: of letters and numbersdidjdjd

  1. Import Contacts from Users. Add any additional Contacts
  2. This will now show up in the Mobile App when you press the Hamburger

Thanks I’ll give that a try tonight.

New contacts added from the Phone App receive a SMS message. Not sure if it is suppressed when the contact is added from the IDE with “Notifications Enabled” unchecked as I am currently encountering an issue deleting the test contact.

anyone else stop getting notifications when my contacts is enabled and you have migrated to a samsung account?

Yup. Had to set my contacts up again. There is a bug report on centercode.

Yeah thats probably my bug report lol. Ive tried deleting and recreating contacts with no luck. Did you have support remove my contacts and then set it up again?

nope, i was able to get it back using the regular URL change method in the IDE.

I don’t get Hub Offline notifications anymore but I am getting my other notifications.

Same behavior on iOS.

yeah its weird, if I set up a SHM alert when motion was detected and did not set any notification settings I would get a push notification. If I set a notification (push and or sms) I would get the sms but not the push notification.

After aggressively deleting and recreating contacts I finally got it to work but its a messy fix.

Yeah. It’s been that way for me ever since I turned My Contacts on. I think it is just a bug that isn’t going to be fixed because my contacts isn’t officially supported…?

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Just to add here, I enabled Contacts about 8 months back and WAS getting the Hub Offline notifications (I do not believe I have any SmartApp configured to do this) but have a feeling they have stopped since the 19.19 Hub update. Am away from home at the moment but will test properly once back.

I am willing to bet that this is an internal message that you don’t have any control over as to whether you receive that notification or not.

I called Samsung and they said if they disabled my contacts if would fix it but that didn’t fix the problem. I gave it a few days after the fix and pulled the Cat5 out of the back of the Hub and didn’t get an offline notification. Rather than calling back I just said screw it and decided that it’s still better having the My Contacts enabled than being notified when it goes offline and re-enabled My Contacts. I have more control of who gets what, my kids and wife don’t need to get certain notifications.


Yeah, that’s why I like My Contacts. My wife does not need all the notifications that I want to get and I like getting the push notification rather then a SMS message.