Child Device Not working

After the long wait, the ST day of Edge reckoning came. It appears that ST moved all of my child devices over last night and the results were not good. In my case, the impact was approximately 30 devices (a total of ~40 moved yesterday/last night and there are other issues on these). With the except of one ZEN32 controller that I installed last week with a new edge driver, none of the “children” are working. The master controllers appeared to have come over ok. There is a separate thread on problems with the legacy green node power strip, that I thought would be a “thing” (still not indicated as such in the soon to be retired IDE). But as of right now, I have 2 nonfunctional GWPN, 2 ZEN20s, 1 ZEN32, and 2 ZEN16s that are really hosed. Interesting to note that the “children” were inconsistently changed- some not at all, some as Zwave child and for the one functional device, they were not dissociated with the “master” device. I guess I’ll try force updating the ZOOZ devices (even if on new Edge drivers already) and see if any of this works…

My two ZEN20s migrated around a month ago. The Ch1 devices picked up the ZWave Switch driver (even though I had the Zooz driver installed) and no driver is listed for the children. My scenes and routines appeared to be working okay, and they’re in my kids’ rooms so messing with them in the evening wasn’t an option. I still have a ZEN25 pending migration (almost my last remaining DTH device) so we’ll see whether that one moves over as smoothly…

Child devices don’t have drivers. Only the parent device has a driver.

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Thanks for the clarification. So is unclear why some of my ZEN children came over into the new world, and some did not?

You will probably need to recreate all child devices after the migration. DTH child devices have to be deleted.

ouch, looks like a long weekend. But at least I see the children- can they be renamed as before or are the names fixed to channel 2, etc.

Once you create as child you can rename it.

so it appears (depending upon the device), that the master came over with built in children, but the old children remained and don’t work. So there are no children separate from the device. On ZEN 16, it looks like there is an option to create separate devices for relays, but asm im really only using the inputs, it seems like I don’t and thus would have no separate children outside of the main device?

I have one Zen16 and only use the inputs. I have created child devices for the inputs.

is selecting that option enough or do I need to do something else? I want to make sure I do it right the first time, so thank for your help.

Just enabled the child devices.

I did that and nothing happened. Do I need to take another action?

No that should be it. The child device might be hiding in the room with your hub or in no room assigned.

I realized today that my zen20 migrated a few days ago. The main strip device was swapped with the edge driver, but all my old dth child outlet devices remained and were inoperable. I went into the main zen20 device settings and enabled the “Create Separate Devices for Outlets” option. This didn’t add new child devices initially. However, once I deleted the old dth child devices, new outlet devices appeared after setting the option again. Unfortunately, since these new child devices weren’t swapped with the old ones, I had to “reintegrate” the new outlet devices with my Alexa and Harmony setups, and I’ll need to see if I had any ST routines that need to be updated.

ok, the last two responses helped a lot. So procedurally, this is what I need to do for all of my ZOOZ devices with children:

  1. ID devices and routines for each controller
  2. Add a dummy device to each impacted routine as a place holder
  3. Delete the all the legacy “1 devices” for each controller
  4. Switch the create separate mode on
  5. Rename the associated new children
  6. Re work each impacted routine with the new device and delete the olde one and the place holder.

Repeat 30 times in my case…

Placeholders are no longer needed. Routines are no longer deleted when you delete a device.

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True- although I can save the correct state in the dummy for each routine if I don’t write it down. 2 fixed. Only four more to go.

For what it’s worth, my old child devices did survive the migration intact. I didn’t even realize that it had migrated for a week or two, as all my scenes and routines kept working. I just switched them over to the Zooz multi channel driver this morning, without touching the child devices setting, and it looks like everything’s still good. So I would suggest testing your setup first and only following the recommended sequence above if you find problems.

Your’re lucky. Even with the Zooz drivers installed, so far nothing is working properly except the “master” . I fixed 2xZEN16s last night. Today will be 2xZEN20, then 1xZEN32, then then the dreaded 2x greenwave one. Also had to go in and remove a bunch of regular switch duplicates that were generated.

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Ok, I do have one problem: after switching to the Zooz driver, the main device tile which used to control Ch1 now turns all the channels on/off at once. Fortunately that channel is dedicated for holiday lights, so I don’t normally touch it in the app, and I can easily switch one automation to correct it. That may have been true under the stock driver too but I didn’t check it…