Lost control of multiple devices (November 8, 2022)

Came home to find out that my 10pm lights out automation did not turn off 2 of the 5 lights it always has. When I try to control the 2 devices manually they don’t respond (spinning circle) and time out with a connection error.

Both are z-wave devices I believe (one wall switch, one outlet). Previously converted to Edge and running for a while with no issues.

Anyone else experiencing issues?

I am as of this morning

I have emailed support If you are having the same issue, please also email support

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Not sure, as that indicates resolved, and I still can’t control the devices as of today (multiple hub reboots).

Will do.

The devices I’m having trouble with are at the fringe of my Zwave network. All are mains-powered. Nearby battery powered sensors are working fine.

Tracked it down. Smartthings pushed a edge driver update yesterday that seems to have caused this. I switched to a Mariano driver and the device started working again


Started happening for me last night. Looking at CLI logs, it is caused by the beta Z-wave switch edge driver.


I am also having this issue since yesterday. I attempted to change drivers like LadySapphy but when doing so the menu is blank.

The hub itself shows all sorts of drivers installed.

While in smartthings IDE site the Hub is missing from any of the devices having the issue. Any of the devices that list the hub are still working.

In IDE, You will no longer see the hub listed for Edge Drivers or cloud to cloud integrations on the new architecture. You also can’t edit them.

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I thought that might be the case I haven’t kept up lately so a bit out of the loop. Thanks for the info.

Not sure what else to do to fix the issue since they pushed the driver and I cannot seem to switch them.

Here’s the error in CLI logs. I submitted an issue in the github repo.


Awesome job finding the error

Make sure you have the correct Mariano drivers installed

Glad to hear I’m not crazy!!!

Any idea why some devices are working and some aren’t? For example, mine seemed to be mostly GE/Jasco switches, but then I realized there was another brand not working as well.

Support went radio silent on me when I pointed out the driver update :frowning:

Based on the version date, it looks like the change was published yesterday, which is notable because the github repo does not show a commit related to that change. Makes me wonder if someone accidentally published to the live channel.


I did send a note to support, but I really don’t have the time to open up my account and respond to a bunch of questions and silly suggestions right now. I suggested that it was a problem others were having and should already be reported.


I really don’t want to have to update 50 some devices to another driver manually just to get my house working but smartthings support seems to be of no help at all.

I don’t see any staff members in the conversation yet - tagging @nayelyz to make sure this gets developer attention, in case going through customer support isn’t reaching them.

Experiencing the same with GE/Jasco switches that have been working for years.