GreenWave Powernode 6 individual outlets not responding

Noticed today that my GreenWave z-wave powerstrip has stopped working (only 1 out of 6 outlets seems to be able to turn on but not turn off reliably).

It’s using the “z wave switch” edge driver, 2023-06-13T18:57:16.67494549.

When I go into the device on the Android app, I get an error message at the bottom of the screen, which is paraphrased as “the device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check back again later.”

Before edge drivers, it was using a modified Zooz driver and I see that Zooz has a v2/v3 powerstrip edge driver but not sure if it has fingerprints for the GreenWave.

I have a 2nd GreenWave powerstrip in a box somewhere that I may try to pair from scratch and see if that works before going through the hassle of disassociating and joining and re-naming all child devices and adding them to the correct routines again.

Did anyone else start having issues this week and any fixes identified? Or am I the only one having issues?

Update, have a Z-wave GE dimmer switch also in the Z-wave switch edge driver that is showing as offline in the app and I can’t get it to re-connect either. (Have rebooted the hub and used the air gap switch to reset the switch, which still works manually.)

The last time it shows as turning on or off was 7:36am PDT on 7/5/23.

A big mess yesterday/ last night for this and all my outlet strips. I’ve got two of these and thought they would become “things.” One switch is still on DTH and appears to be working, the others (which I’d added aliases for the child issue), appear to be non-functional and on the Zwave switch driver you noted as well. The master, which is one Edge appears to work ok, although it can “dim”. BTW, I think something similar happened with My Zooz ZEN 20 outlet strips, although they went to the Zooz driver. I need to troubleshoot these more. A big mess, as these account for at least ~20 items.

I haven’t had time to do a deep dive on it yet, but initial observations.
I had installed @Mariano_Colmenarejo’s Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc driver from here Channel and Drivers Web UI. Sometime in the last couple days my Greenwave Powernode 6 power strips migrated to that edge driver from the custom DTH I was using before. Needless to say, the routines I had programmed no longer work and things are messed up. But it does look like @Mariano_Colmenarejo’s driver works… almost.

Mariano’s driver is only showing 5 switches not 6. Also the main on/off seems to control switch 1 instead of the master switch. Also, all the switches are listed inside the main switches UI and are not broken out into separate child switches [as pointed out below, this is an option that can be changed in the settings]. But 5 of the switches can be turned on and off via smartthings.

Hopefully you can take a look at the issue where only five of the switches work? Perhaps it needs a zero based index instead? Let me know what info you need, thanks.

If you go into settings you should be able to create child devices for the working switches.

Open device tile and click on 3 dots in upper right to access settings.


The philosophy of smartthings multi-compobent devices is that the
main component controls switch1, component switch1 controls switch 2, and so on.

therefore app switch5 controls device switch6.

You can create 5 child switches for components 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, which will appear in the room were is the Hub.

DTH child devices have to be deleted.

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Thanks for the reply, that makes sense. However, I have checked and rechecked and what is happening is that both the main component and switch 1 control the same outlet. And no matter what I do I cannot control the 6th outlet.
I tried with and without creating the child switches [which is a great option by the way].
Maybe someone else can chime in with their experience.

Exact same experience with the driver you recommended. The main device and switch 1 from the main device control the first outlet. The 6th outlet cannot be controlled as switch 1-5 in the main device controls the 1st to 5th actual switches.

I created child devices for switch 1-5 also and they seem to control the same devices (1-5 as the main device, where switch 1 is the same switch as the main, and the 1st in line).

Hopefully we can figure out a fix- let me know if there’s any info I can provide.

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I’ll be interested too. Will fix all of mY zooz devices first that did not come over easily, but I’ve got a path forward to re configure all of them.

That is an endpoint allocation problem.

My driver is based on the zwave switch stock and they have the same allocation of enpoints, but in some it is wrong and as users have been testing devices in the beta phase, which has lasted 2 years, it has been corrected.

Surely this profile of 6 switches has not been tested by anyone until the forced migration has arrived.

I’m sorry, I can’t do anything until August, I don’t have access to the cli or my pc.

You can try the stock zwave switch driver to see if it works and if it doesn’t, open a report to have it fixed, as it’s in their driver and should work.

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Mariano, you are correct in assuming that I was waiting for the forced migration in hopes that the switch and child switches and routines would migrate smoothly with little input from me. Alas, that day has a arrived…

I’ll wait patiently for your return since I don’t have a lot of faith that the stock driver will be fixed before then, the stock zwave switch driver doesn’t even detect/show child devices.

I hope you are enjoying your time away from your pc.

I’m in the same boat. Should I just wait or try to limp by on the suggested driver now? I’ve got two of these, one of which could stay on 24/7 without issues any way. The other one will likely need manual wires!

Hey I’m sorry for a rookie question here, but for this greenwave device can you please let me know if the above driver by mariano_colmenarejo is the best going forward, or for now with something that I should switch to on the horizon?

(I’m a bit overwhelmed with other things and just trying to keep some aquarium things going without killing the fish, I had some things set up on this power strip that are no longer working)

I switched to Mariano’s driver after mine auto-migrated and quit working. I did some testing, and something wasn’t quite right, but at least it gave me enough control to do what I needed.

As far a I know, this device was obscure enough to not have any attention, but somehow mostly works.

But yes, I think Mariano’s driver is the best available, and also the most likely to be given more attention.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo I know you are making a lot of driver updates since you returned. Is this one on your list? I’m guessing ST won’t update their default, non-functional driver for this as this is a legacy device. Thanks

Hi @homeagain

Sorry, I must have forgotten to mark it.

Can you tell me the fingerprints to identify which device to modify?

Hi @homeagain @Hoodah77 @Natec @nsurg

Sorry I forgot do a bookmark

Try this driver version
Can control 6 switches: main to switch5 in App
In preferences you can create 5 child switches for switch1 to switch5 in app or S2 to S6 in device

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-08-05T15:12:19.692821934        

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Welcome back, and thanks for taking a look. I tried the latest version of the driver, and it seems to function the same as before, no matter which way I try the last outlet is not controllable.
I feel like there may be a misunderstanding, apologies if I am wrong… This device has 6 outlets [so six things to switch]. I noticed that it is getting identified as a “switch-multicomponent-generic-5” is that possible the culprit?
I would be happy to give you the fingerprints if you could explain to me how to log the fingerprints now that the old IDE is gone.

Here is the info from the api viewer:

Hi @Hoodah77 @homeagain

the “switch-multicomponent-generic-5 profile has 6 components, main, switch1, 2, 3 ,4, 5.

The fingerprints of devices with this profile in this driver version

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-08-05T22:37:28.66214628
- id: 0099/0003/0004
    deviceLabel: Greenwave NP310-F
    manufacturerId: 0x0099
    productType: 0x0003
    productId: 0x0004
    deviceProfileName: switch-multicomponent-generic-5
- id: "ZoozPowerStrip"
    deviceLabel: Zooz Power Strip
    manufacturerId: 0x027A
    productType: 0xA000
    productId: 0xA004
    deviceProfileName: switch-multicomponent-generic-5