Fibaro FGS222 Double Switch Relay are no longer functional.. Please help me

For a couple of days my v2 hub has no longer recognized the Fibaro FGS-222 Relay correctly. The commands sent act only on one of the two child devices.
I’m using now this device type handler:

  • Fibaro FGS-222 Double Relay Device Type Handler
  • Plus also controls Philio PAN04 and PAN06 devices (possibly PAN08)
  • For Philio, please configure Parameter #2, while for Fibaro you need
  • to configure everything except Parameter #2
  • (it should not cause a problem if you break this rule though)
  • Author: Chris Charles and Robin Winbourne
  • Date: 2017-07-10

Device Type Handlers are in the process of being migrated to Edge drivers as ST is phasing old the legacy groovy architecture of the platform. I assume the device has been migrated to an Edge driver. Use the new web interface Adnaced Wep App to check your device (or ST app, open device, tap on 3 dots and if you see Driver in the list, it is now using an Edge driver). If you do not see DTH listed in Advances Web app… it is using an Edge driver.

to resolve, enroll the following community developed Edge driver ( onto your hub and switch the device to this Edge driver and not the stock one that it is probably using now. After you enroll the driver on your hub, open the device in the St app (3 dots and Driver) or use the Advanced Web app to switch the driver.

check out this thread:

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