Changed Hue Hub Driver and it stopped responding

Hoping someone can help,

I have two hue hubs as I have a decent amount of Hue bulbs in the house and I recently was struggling to add new bulbs (turns out I was forgetting to install in Alexa first and then pull through to smart things). Anyway in all my infinite wisdom I decided to try the Philips Hue (Beta) driver for the bridge that I was trying to connect the bulbs to and it has since went offline in SmartThings and doesn’t work, I then decided the best option was to delete it and re-add it, thinking that would change the Smart Things driver settings back to default, however Smart Things no longer detects it.

Can anyone advise how to rectify this? I’ve done a bit of searching and I’m struggling to find anything.

When did this happen? I was once fooling around with sonos drivers and result was that I didn´t have stock sonos driver anymore, but it appeared again next day by itself, which is probably the case with all the stock drivers?
Did you configure Beta driver correctly? I´ve been using it for awhile and it should work nicely.

Yesterday, I did sign in again and a Hue Bridge 2 came through but with no bulbs attached to it, along with a virtual hub. Really not clued up on this at all, the fact I managed to get it all set up in the first place was a miracle.

I didn’t configure the Beta Driver at all. No idea how to.

description of issue with returning LAN drivers:

[SOLVED] Drivers installed w/o consent

explanation for returning LAN Drivers:

may need more details. How was Hue originally connected? When I see “forgetting to install in Alexa first” I wonder if you were using Matter to connect to ST???

I have no idea what’s going on now. I’ve got connectivity back back it’s now duplicating both Hue Bridges and many of the bulbs, deleting them doesn’t help as it just re-adds them when I search for more bulbs.

I have devices added on hue app that can’t be found by smart things. Bulbs in Smart Things that aren’t being picked up in Hue and bulbs that aren’t recognise in Alexa, Smart Things or Hue that still switch off and on with the all devices command.

I think I’m at the delete everything and start again point, but not even sure how to do that with the duplicate hue bridges and all. Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

I’m getting mixed up as it’s a while since I set it all up. Typically I add in Hue, then add in Smart Things and then it Pulls through into Alexa from Smart Things.

if you have the duplicate hubs/devices in ST… that indicates Hue is connected by two of the 4 methods of connecting Hue to ST. Those are:

  • cloud to cloud
  • direct LAN connection
  • Matter
  • custom Edge driver

you can look at the 2 posts from @JDRoberts in the following thread for a good description for connecting Hue to ST.

depending on number of Hue devices and use in Routines… you may want to consider removing and starting fresh once you decide on the method you want to connect Hue. One place to start is Linked services to remove the cloud to cloud integration. Tap on Menu, tap on Sattings (cog in upper right of screen) and selecting Linked services and follow instructions. Removing the other connection should be as simple as locating the hue bridge in ST and removing it, which should remove all associated Hue devices.

also, this would mean you would probably need to do some fixing in Alexa if needed if using their Routines.

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