Hue bridge disappeared

(Tim) #1

Did anyone else’s Hue bridge randomly disappear? I opened the Hue Connect smartapp and it’s not there. It won’t even let me delete it.

I have a lot of rules depending on it, so this is very upsetting if I have to start all over from scratch.

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(Sean Prange) #2

Happened to me two days ago. I had to remove the bridge device and rerun the smartapp. I use HLGS instead of the Hue Connect smartapp as I prefer working with groups. Yes it was very annoying!

(Marc) #3

Yup, same problem for me. I removed everything and had to resetup everything up. Wonderful. I spend each day redoing things in Smartthings. A new platform/product can’t come soon enough. Total data integrity issue.


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(Eric Kanas) #5

It seems like with every update from Smartthings I loose either Harmony, hue, or sonos. So annoying.

(Eric M) #6

Yeah, I am having the same problem. Going to shoot a message over to support.

(Realy Living Dream) #7

Here too. I didn’t notice until I decided to run Good night before I went up to bed and 1/2 the lights did NOT shut off.Opened smartapps and saw Hue hub missing AGAIN. If I had run it from bed, or just had Alexa turn off the house like I usually do I never would have noticed .

(Rudi Prunzel) #8

Yep, same thing here, the Hue Hub was not showing on the Hue (Connect) smartapp. Today I’ve noticed in the Logs that the Authentication with the Hue Hub was failing, but I think this started last night for me.

Quick fix - Remove the Hue Hub (the Hub Device only, not the Bulbs) using the ST App or the IDE and run the Hue (Connect) smartapp again and it will discover the Hue Hub (sometimes you’ll have to press the Hue Hub button to authorize) and select all the same Hue Bulbs again.
In my case all Hue Bulbs went back to normal on SmartThings after this. Did not have to change any rules/routines that were using the Hues :sweat_smile:

(Realy Living Dream) #9

Remembering how to fix it doesn’t excuse the fact that it dropped off to begin with. My reasoning for replacing TCP and GE bulbs with Hues was stability. Now this is the 3rd (?) time in the last couple months that ST has dropped Hue integration and I have had to remove and reconnect the Hue hub.

(Eric M) #10

Thanks for the fix, worked perfectly. I hope SmartThings figures this out, but at least I didn’t have to remove my bulbs. That would have been a nightmare.