[SOLVED] Drivers installed w/o consent

Does anyone else have drivers being installed onto their hubs without specifically installing them yourselves? On my V3 hub, there are a few drivers that have been installed that I did not authorize to be there. Further, after I remove the drivers from my hub - they are re-installed the next day. Would someone please explain why these drivers are being automatically installed on my hub without my permission, and return after I have deleted them?

The driver names are:

None of these drivers are applicable to any of the devices on my ST network. I know that the ST devs are aware of the hub’s memory limitations, so who among them thought that automatically installing unnecessary drivers would be a good decision?

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Yes, it happened to everyone.

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They’re noise.

In the DTH->Edge transition days you had dozens of “local” drivers installed as part of the firmware of your hub that you couldn’t see, disable or enable. Zwave Switch, Zigbee Light, etc.

Apparently I overlooked that topic. Thank you.

Does that mean they’re not using any of the hub’s memory?

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They are using storage space in flash, which we likely have plenty of. As long as you don’t have any devices of those types paired, they wouldn’t use any (or extremely minimal) RAM resources which is what most of us would be concerned about.

Annoying maybe, but I wouldn’t worry about it. ST may end up just hiding them from the manage drivers UI so people stop worrying about them.

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Yeah, the RAM usage is what I was concerned about.
@jkp @csstup
Thanks again, I appreciate your help.