Philips Hue Commands and Scenes Stopped Working (March 2024)

I’ve connected my philips hue hubs to SmartThings using the bys-beta channel and drivers. All hue bulbs (but not scenes) were added. They all show in my device list, and all show online. However, when I use any action or scene, there is no response. On Samsung account, the command or routine shows sucessfully executed, but none of the hue lights light.

I though I might try to delete and reinstall the drivers and channel, but I cannot. On the Philips Hue Driver, I get "Error uninstalling driver “Philips Hue Beta”. 400 Driver with id = e308adab-0179-432b-91c1-750cc3ee483a cannot currently be uninstalled. Reason - Driver still in use by Devices - [1e13ea2b-da2b-4346-ae0b-ffe790ad460c, 2ab320da-2896-4c06-83e7-6ef8ea4a4ebd, ba2b464a-9789-4ec2-9a5b-45565769b9ab] ".

Any ideas?

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I recommend rebooting your ST hub to make sure the driver’s initialized. There is a known ST issue where the drivers get installed, but don’t init all the devices after they are discovered.

Don’t uninstall/reinstall. That won’t fix anything