Custom Hue LAN Edge Driver Not Working (15-16 Sept 2023) [SOLVED]


I recently setup everything using your edge driver and it was working perfectly until today everything stop working.

How do I get the log that you will need me to Dm you?

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My hue devices are no longer controllable from ST. Works fine from the Hub app. But ST isn’t functioning… rebooted hubs etc. no luck. Any ideas ?

Same thing here
the integration just suddenly stopped working today

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do both of you have the 9-15 updated driver listed above? ( 2023-09-

I do.


Same issue going on with me

@Joshua_Jovan_Carmona / @Jeff_Gallagher / @Mattt_k / @ap77

I get the frustration, but I really need more than “it stopped working” to make any progress. For example:

  1. What ST hub are you using?
  2. What devices aren’t working? Lights, rooms, zones, sensors, etc.
  3. What does working mean? On/off, scenes, etc
  4. Have you made sure that you don’t have too many scenes? This can prevent the driver from starting up.

Even better than the above is the log file from your hub. You have to have the developer tools setup for that option though.

I am going to revert a change that ST advised me to make as I don’t trust the code they published and it is the only thing in the latest version that could potentially cause connection issues.


Just wanted to add that my hue lights are not working either. Do not respond in smartthings, but promptly respond in hue all. Using several types of hue lights, including innr outdoor spotlights, but primarily ‎Philips Hue CFH A19 bulbs.

All routines are messed up too.

I’d try to give you more info, but I’m tired and I’m just gonna go to bed and hope that everything is ok when I wake up (cause that’s how the world works, right?)


Smart things station
No hue products work from smart things. If i remove the lights/zones/rooms/etc from smart things, the driver will not find them or re discover. I get a “network or server error”
Everything works as designed when controlled by the hue app. Other smartthings devices work from the smart things app and hub.

Ive added no scenes since yesterday, and quite frankly only have about 10-20, so that cant be the problem.

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@blueyetisoftware Hi I’m on a V2 ST hub and I’m only using zones and none of them are responding.

I’m now on v09-16 of the driver. I’ve 13 rooms with 1 scene per room. I’ve rebooted the v2 hub and the Hue hub. When I try to add more zones or any other types from the main hue hub in ST I get a network error. No other issues with other devices. Etc

Thanks for your speedy response

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I’m on V2 ST hubs using rooms and zones. None of them are working right now, commands sent go in an infinite loop and nothing happens.

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Same here, I can see my motion sensors updating in the hue app but this isn’t syncing with smartthings. Just getting status and time out errors

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I also have a spare Aeotec hub in a separate location for testing. And I’ve added both your virtual Driver and the Hue Driver to this hub. And scanned for new devices. After a few seconds it added the virtual Hub but no Hue Hub.

Could the be related?

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I don’t know how much it helps. I enter the current hub version data of the Hue hub driver and firmware. Notice that nothing actually works anymore, not even searching for the hub from scratch

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I have the same problem.
I have been running your edge driver for some time - but today everything stopped working.
I’m runnung a Samsung SmartThings Hub V3 (2018) and Hue Bridge version 3.

No devices are responding and if I try linking I get “Network or server error” - and the same happens if I try to add devices.
I don’t have any scenes in Hue an I have restarted Smartthings Hub and Hue Bridge - no luck.


Hi @blueyetisoftware

Just to add that all my Hue devices in ST became unresponsive at the release on the 15th and remain so with the 16th release.

Devices show online but no status change possible or reflected in ST…

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Just also want to add that my Hue devices in ST became unresponsive last night after the 15th update, this mornings 16th update gave no changes.

I have since removed the hub entirely and rescanned, however it now can’t find the hub, the only way to get the lights to work in ST is with the official driver, which has broken almost all of the ST routines due to the way I had them set up, so would rather go back to this driver once fixed.

ST Hub: Aeotec Hub
ST Hub Firmware: 000.047.00011
Philips Hue Hub Software: 1.59.1959194040

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Same here - looks like a update brok the link between hue and st. Hue app still works.

Do we re add the driver or just wait?

@blueyetisoftware Have now got the 2023-09-16 driver, and have restarted the Smartthings Hub (V3) several times - but still I get “Network or server error” on trying to link the Hue Bridge (version 3).

You can’t add the driver. I’ve a second hub and I’ve added the driver, but it’s not being picked up.